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One of the greatest things about Batman is that he has no shortage of villains. He's made hundreds of foes in his 75 year run. Pretty soon, Warner Bros. is gonna need to find the best villains for the Batman reboot directed by and starring Ben Affleck.

But where can they find the best villains for the next film? They shouldn't have to look any further than Rocksteady's newest video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. This was the final game in the Arkham saga, and it is packed with some of the Dark Knight's greatest foes. Here are the five characters that I think, with a little tweaking, could fit into the new Batman series.


Poison Ivy

She's one of the more popular Batman villains, yet she has constantly been wrongly view by the public because of Batman and Robin, a movie we've all tried to forget. She's always been seen as more of a succubus, using plants and neurotoxins to draw men towards her and force them to do her bidding. It's a trait that has gotten old, which is why this game replaced it with a different Ivy.

In Arkham Knight, Ivy has taken Catwoman's role as the anti-hero, turning away from Scarecrow's plan to destroy Batman and goes on her own path. In this story, Ivy is motivated by nature. She believes that nature always wins, and she finds Scarecrow's plan to small and insignificant for her cause. This motif has almost turned Poison Ivy into a goddess, and it suits her character.


For those of you who don't know, Azrael is the knight for the Order of St. Dumas, a secret society that has been dedicated to protecting Gotham in the name of God. He's kinda like a religious Batman, but willing to kill in order to protect Gotham. In Arkham Knight, he claims to have foreseen the Batman's death, and urges the Dark Knight to make him his successor.

This storyline is taken straight out of Batman: Knightfall, the comic which saw Bruce Wayne physically and mentally broken by Bane. The Azrael of that story then takes on the suit, but is much more brutal and kills everyone in his path.

Azrael shows why Gotham has always needed Batman, and he would be a perfect addition to the Batman series.

The Joker

Ok, if this villain needs an introduction, you can't call yourself a Batman fan.

Just to clear things up, the Joker isn't alive in this one. Scarecrow's fear toxin mixed with the Joker blood in Batman causes him to see him everywhere he goes. Towards the end of the game, the player is shown a vision of a world where the Joker has access to all of Batman's tools and gadgets. Just as you'd expect, Gotham is burning, and criminals and cops alike are being gunned down.

But here's why I think this could be a source of inspiration for the next time Batman and Joker face off on the big screen. At the end of the story, Batman takes control again and explains to the Joker what he thinks he's most afraid of. It's so simple, I can't believe I didn't realize it. The Joker is afraid of being forgotten. He's afraid that after death, he'll just be a period of darkness that everyone has let go of. Batman is his last hold on the world, and that's why he can't let go of him.

And then he says three words as Batman walks away.

The Arkham Knight

In case you haven't already heard, The Arkham Knight is exactly who we thought he was: Jason Todd. Let me clarify: Arkham Knight is like Jason Todd's origin story. This is what leads him into becoming the Red Hood after he's gotten over his hate for Batman.

I think Arkham Knight, or Jason Todd at least, should be the focus of the upcoming Batman movie. If you want to skip Batman's origins and want to show conflict, this is the character you want. Jason, being the first Robin he lost to the hands of Joker, has been a symbol of the Dark Knight's greatest mistakes. And he is also a symbol of what Batman would be like if he killed. And most of all, Jason Todd has always made the Batman question his crusade.


Scarecrow is the main villain of Batman: Arkham Knight, and he takes the role of Bane in this story, by assembling Gotham's remaining villains to seize the city and destroy Batman.

In the previous Batman films, Scarecrow has always been a pawn for some other villain's scheme (Example: Batman Begins). It would be great if the next time he's on the big screen, he's more like this version. This Scarecrow was one that I truly feared, mostly because of what he represents this time around. He doesn't want to cover Gotham in fear. He wants to make the citizens afraid by showing them the Batman for who he is. He wants to show them that he is just a man, that he too is afraid. He would be the perfect villain for the next Batman film.

Of course, there are many other villains that could be great additions as well. But for me, it's these 5 villains that could bring something new to the Batman franchise. Because, much like the Dark Knight himself, those villains have been portrayed many different times, and in many different ways. But if there's one story that shows how to make the perfect villains to showcase with the perfect Batman, it's Arkham Knight.


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