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Suicide Squad is a film that has been getting mixed reviews. Despite the fact that the movie isn't going to be out for a little bit of time, it still has the super hero fans going back and forth as to whether or not it is going to be worth it. In my opinion, the film is going to be something that many will forget about shortly after its release. The films that have been based on DC have been mainly focused on the Batman universe and has largely ignored the other bodies of work. This film shows that they are simply looking to just cash in, instead of trying to create something that will withstand the test of time.

Most people who are looking forward to this film, seem to be centered in on Harley Quinn, without looking much further than just the face value of the character. The popularity of the character has also generated rumors that she will (for no real reason at all) be appearing in the Killing Joke, the animated adaptation of the graphic novel by Alan Moore. This trend of maneuvers aimed at generating marketing hype, shows that the films that DC and to some extent Marvel, will not be the pieces of cinema that have a lot of thought put into them. Instead, they will just become another cash cow for the executives use until the popularity fades.

Suicide Squad, from what the trailers have shown, comes off as being more eye candy than anything else. The Joker, for example, has been re-visioned to better appeal to the younger crowds who more than likely consider Lil Wayne to be actually be good at making music. It is a bubble gum style theater with a little rougher of an edge. Maybe Leno will nail the character, but it appears more than likely that they are just going to use him as a way to get more people into the theaters, instead of allowing for any proper development to happen that really makes a movie interesting.

The drastic changes that have been shown in the trailer, looks like they are trying to take the characters into a more real world setting without trying to add any depth to the story. The Joker mobile, the nice sports car, kind of seems to be out of touch with the nature of the villain. From the creation of the Joker to the Dark Knight trilogy, the Joker has been a character based on anarchist principles. For him, chaos has always been his main goal. He cares little for money or fame, just as long as he can torment his rival and mix things up a bit. You can even see this extended into the video games such as Injustice: Gods Among Us, where he uses a dead cop as a puppet.

Will the movie be successful? More than likely it will be. There are still plenty of people who will pay to see the movie, simply because of the brand. Once the success happens, DC will try and milk the movie franchises until they are completely bleed dry. The Batman universe has already had its stories reworked and filmed from so many angles, that there is going to come a point that the writers are not going to be able to do anything more with it. The drastic new approach that can be seen in Suicide Squad, is a single that the writers are looking to make a fast dollar while trying to update a story for no other reason than to appeal to the click bait generation.


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