ByTimothy Rodgers, writer at

This movie surprised me with how good and well done it was. The story was solid and the plot fell into place much like something that could happen in reality. It takes another perspective on what a machine might experience as it becomes self-aware.

There are several movies that try to capture the essence of what life will be like around or in the nightmarish cases, under artificial intelligence. This movie begins when a corporate research engineer discovers how to make a self-aware program and installs his experiment onto a test model that has already been considered totaled.

There is a lot of action and violence in this film. There are several life lessons around leverage and pain. Most of the events that take place, happen because of circumstantial instances. The flow of this movie feels much like District 9; however, it is worthy of it's own attention.

The blend of chaos in this film helps the sequence of events play out. They brought in the South African local rap artist, Die Antwoord to play the criminal who befriends Chappie. This movie highlights what life might be like for a developing AI being. Many movies capture the horrors such intelligence would commit against humanity, while this one features their potential to think and feel like us to include the fear of death.

There are characters in this story that are on the same side; yet, they rival each other so fiercely that it ends up being the main conflict towards the end of the movie. This film was put together extremely well and has a couple of big names to support it. In my opinion, Chappie is worth watching more than once, especially if there are parts of the movie you feel you did not understand.

If you like the kind of science fiction that makes you think, you need to put this on your list for what to see next.


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