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Before we get started, does anyone want to get off? I am going to be spoiling a few things from Age of Ultron, as well as creating potential spoilers for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858).

If you're still with me, yes, I am referring to Ragnarok in my title. What is that strange Norse word, do you say? Well, it roughly translates to "The Twilight of the Gods". Not a tale of werewolves and vampires but the ending of the universe, and the death of Asgard. As you can guess, Loki was completely behind it all, and he essentially tears the universe apart. Now, that's the Norse myth. While the Marvel story is similar to the original tale, there is another Ragnarok, which may have major implications to the MCU, especially in the next film: Captain America: Civil War.


That's no Thor...
That's no Thor...

Years before the Civil War, Tony Stark found a blond strand of the God of Thunder and kept it for later use. When Thor went missing and was presumed dead (thanks to the real Ragnarok), Stark began the process of cloning Odinson so that the world would still be protected by Mjolnir's might. He maintained the power of Thor but not the humility, so he was much like the Thor we see at the beginning of Thor. Ragnarok's hammer is not really Mjolnir but is made of an adamantium/vibranium alloy. So, he's an extremely powerful cybernetic clone, under the control of Tony Stark with none of the self-control or humility of the real Thor. Sounds like a recipe for disaster...and it was. Ragnarok causes the first casualty of the war by butchering Goliath.

The Vision

Before I make my point, let's look at the Vision, shall we? First and foremost, Vision is JARVIS inside a body, amplified by the mind stone. This body was created by Ultron (a Stark-created being) in a device that was worked on by Stark to rebuild or create tissue. So, while the Vision would be considered a robot, he is to all intents and purposes an artificial organic life-form. And, may I remind you of how Vision was brought to life? Thor brought the hammer down. Literally. The power surge from Thor's hammer brought life to the Vision. We see the android being completely worthy to wield Mjolnir, to great effect. In many ways, we see a similar being to Thor himself: immensely powerful, humble and yet vastly superior. In short, Vision is like a god among men.

The Connection

Many people will try to compare the Vision to Adam Warlock (thanks to the Mind Stone being in the synthozoid's head), however, it makes more sense for him to be the equivalent of Ragnarok in the upcoming Civil War film. First, we have two Stark-made artificial beings created to be super-heroes. Second, we have two that are rather similar to Thor. Third, according to reports, the Vision will be joining Iron Man for the Pro-Registration Side. While there would be major differences in story and character, Vision is being set up to take the place of Ragnarok in Civil War. If that's the case, then it looks pretty bad for Captain America and team, because they don't have anyone who could take the android down, except Scarlet Witch.

While the idea of the Vision becoming a cold-hearted, monstrous killer seems far-fetched, it actually makes more sense than you'd realize. Vision's biggest fear is losing his humanity. If he were to do that in Civil War, it would create a beautifully sad sub-plot. Then, you have to remember: he's a robot. Tony could just re-program him, and much like Ragnarok, something will malfunction. Or maybe, Vision won't be as psychotic as Ragnarok, but will be forced to fight against his friends.

What does this mean for Phase 3, if the Vision becomes a sort of "anti-Thor"? Who knows? Could we see Vision kill in Civil War? Could we see Vision joining Thor in Ragnarok? Could Vision become one of the most important players in Avengers: Infinity War? Let me know what you think about the Vision's future in the MCU, in the comments, or in an article of your own!


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