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Jason Iaquilino
To find a new Freddy you need to ask a couple important questions: 1. Who is Freddy Krueger? And when you answer really think about what makes him tick. Why is he so sick and sadistic and who could capture not only the things about him that make him scary but the things about him that make us laugh at him as well. 2. Are we trying to make this Freddy new or are we just rehashing it? Look for instance at Disney's Maleficent. That movie completely reinvented her character and as such told the story in a completely new way while still allowing us as an audience to make comparisons between Angelina Jolie's version and her previously animated counterpart. 3. Is a really big name actor really what we want or would casting an unknown be a better idea. While I think these 3 each have their own virtues that they could bring towards the role you have to think of what is really trying to be accomplished here and I think casting anyone that's too well known would be a big mistake. As an audience member going to see this movie, I would want to get lost in the character. Have fun on the Freddy rollercoaster, however if all I can think is... I can't believe they got fucken Kevin Bacon... I'm sorry... but I'm not going to get lost in the story. We as an audience need to get lost in the character and we can't do this if we can't stop thinking about the actor playing him. 4. Are we as an audience willing to let someone else slip on the glove yet? ...and to that extent, should this movie even be being made yet or is it too soon? I have heard various complaints about Jackie Earl Haley's version of everyone's favorite dream stalker, but none do I really consider to be valid. None do I hear saying he as an actor did a bad job. I hear people blaming the make-up and cgi. I hear people blaming the script. I hear a lot just saying he wasn't Freddy and to me what that truly translates to is he wasn't Robert England. Robert is done people. He's hung up the glove, hat and sweater and is very content painting and doing non Freddy related things these days. Bottom line is the remake was actually pretty decent. When he comes out and tells Jesse how the human brain stays active for 8 minutes after the heart stops and that they still have 7 more minutes of playtime... I think that was more horrifying to me than ANYTHING Robert England's Freddy had ever come out with. And don't flip out on me for that either. There are few out there in my opinion who are bigger Freddy fans then I am. I grew up on those movies and would sometimes watch certain ones several times in one day. If I'm watching them with you YOU WILL HATE ME because I can sit there and recite them word for word as I'm watching them but I have to be honest and if I'm looking at them both objectively, Robert's version became very funny and witty at times. His ego rose off the charts because he wasn't bound by any rules and he could not die and as such he revelled in each kill to the point where the movies became corny at times so you have to ask also, Do we want to laugh or be scared? I for one thought Jackie was pretty freaken scary and because he's still not off the charts HUGE actorwise I was able to get lost in his rendition of the character but few were able to so with that in mind and just judging by the comments on this thread I would say at this point in time New Line should hold off for another decade or so before really looking into remaking this movie because for many fans it's still too soon.

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