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Warning, if you haven't seen the latest installment of Fantastic Four, be aware there are spoilers below. Read at your own risk.

I love any superhero movie, they are good whether they are bad or not. But every once and a while, one hero movie comes along and it doesn't really impress anyone, let alone get the attention it deserved.

Fantastic Four did just that.

In the wakes of Ant-Man, Fantastic Four came into the picture and in my opinion failed to deliver.

Instead of the classic story of the four, we get a new one, one very similar to the "Ultimate" story line. Yet, among this, among the fresh cast of actors, among the realistic CGI Thing, to me the movie still failed.

From the start of the movie you can feel a slow pace. Hoping it would step it up this pace continues until the climax of the movie, and even then the damn climax is short. But once again this is only my opinion.

There are some good notes to this movie, but lets start with.....

4 Reasons not to see Fantastic Four

As a fan I am also a critic. The movie was interesting, but it was similar to FF2 Rise of the Silver Surfer. Don't get me wrong the acting was superb, but it just wouldn't distract me from other problems.

1. Reed Richards leaves. He abandons the team. Not only does he do this, but he abandons them for a full year. He didn't even try to help them out, yet he is reintroduced when Sue manages to track him down, and Ben is able to capture him.

2. Dr. Doom, not Victor Von Doom, has very little screen time. Victor was in most of the movie, but our villain didn't show up until the final act, and even then we didn't have enough time to enjoy seeing him on screen.

3. THEY KILL OFF THE VILLAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I know most superhero movies do this, but seriously, they kill him off about 15 minutes after he is introduced as a full fledged villain. Not cool Fox, not cool.

4. There are no pants on The Thing.......NO EFFING PANTS. I know that this may seem like a small judgmental detail, but if you're going to do a superhero movie and give the rest of the team costumes please give the big lovable rock monster one as well.


4 Reasons to go see Fantastic Four

Things! Exciement! Stretch!
Things! Exciement! Stretch!

1. Ben and Reed's friendship. From start to finish we get to see the rocky (no pun intended) relationship between best friends. We get to see how they became best friends and proof that Ben had Reed's back. Not just that, but we also see that Ben, even though he stands besides Richards, still hasn't forgiven him for the transformation.

2. FLAME ON. IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME. These original quotes directly from the comics are beautifully executed in this movie, and besides that, the new, fresh actors brought life to their roles. I applaud you Michael B. Jordan, you were an amazing Johnny Storm. The only problem with you was your screen time, you needed more of it.

3. Exploding Heads. Yes, that's right, Exploding Heads. For the little screen time Dr. Doom had, the damage he did was great. As he waltzed back to the Quantum Gate, Doom left a trail of bloody, exploded heads of most of the victims that crossed his paths in the low levels of Area 57.

4.The Team complete each other. Instead of seeing a group that is already defined, or is already brought together we get to see a group form from outsiders to teammates. And for once, they work as a team during their first fight.

Awkward Reed
Awkward Reed

Yup, these are the reasons Fantastic Four was in an even state......... Just kidding

Just for more of the glory here are....

4 More Reasons Why not to go see Fantastic Four

1. Climax is terrible. During the movie my girlfriend was wondering when to go to the restroom because she was afraid she would miss the final fight. Sure enough when she was ready to go the fight started and just like that, BAM, it was finished. We both complained on how short the movie finished and how much needed to be resolved.

2. Did you love the trailer? How about the second trailer? What about the third? Well get ready kids because most of the scenes in any of the trailers didn't show up in the damn movie. You remember in the trailer you see Ben being dropped from an aircraft onto the ground below, well that scene isn't in the movie. Not to mention how good the trailer looks, even almost all of the commentary in the trailer is taken out of the film too! Even the scene where human Ben Grimm hits a baseball proving why he is the muscle, yeah well that doesn't come out either.

3. STAN LEE DOESN'T COME OUT! I don't need to explain anymore just that simple sentence will do.

4. There were no Mid nor End-Credits Scenes. Even though it is expected of any Marvel Movie to put one last scene teasing any upcoming installments or sequels, this movie fails to deliver that as well.


Yet above all of this, the movie I can at least say was enjoyable. You may see it if you wish, but I'd say wait and save your money. Hopefully the sequel will be better and cover a lot of ground that this movie didn't. Until then....

What was your thought on Fox's reboot? What did you like about it? What did you hate? Let me know in the comments below.


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