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Okay, I'm in the mood to rant and from what I get, this place is a good place for it. So I'm on my lovely 'monthly week from Hell' and I'm in the mood for some violence. Now, believe me, my cravings for things can go from an innocent Boston Cream donut (what I want right now) to blood and gore. It changes in an instant.

So first I go to Full House, 'cause I'm scrolling through stuff and I'm like, "Hey, I'm almost done the series, let's finish it up." Nope. And then I go to Daredevil, because who doesn't love a good piece of Marvel?

I was not disappointed. First off, I was a bit confused and stuff. Like, it starts off with the man in the mask, and then goes to law? But it got better... Like, man, the blood in the second episode! I'm trying to not give any spoilers, but wow... And then (my rare girl-ish side of me is talking right now) the guy they chose for Matt was pretty good! And I love those moments where they zoom in on him just listening. And honestly, who cannot LOVE those glasses? Plus Foggy is hilarious!

What I've just finished (and could not get over) was a scene where a guy's head gets smashed in with A CAR DOOR! HELLO, BLOOD AND GORE! It was beautiful! And then the other guy just calmly steps out the other door like, "Hey, this is normal, I just don't wanna get any blood on my suit."

Right now, the only suck parts I can think of are:

-The Russians! They're pretty cool, but I cannot understand anything they say 'cause Netflix doesn't have subtitles! (This can't be helped, but I'm feeling the urge to complain)

-And then the whole thing with the secretary... I like her, she's cool, but I'm getting a bit confused... It's fine having two stories, but if they could clear it up jussssst a bit, I'd be happy. (Or maybe, it's just me? Who knows...)

However, the things that are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC totally outweigh the bad. Things like:

-The graphics! Don't wanna give any spoilers, but when the name of the big head honcho was revealed, and the death right after that... All I can say is WOW! I just paused the show for a second to just look at it. The things people can do with computers, man...

-I like the depth of the characters, and the variety of different personalities. Really great writers, but I except nothing less from Marvel!

-I just love the actor they got to play Matt. I know, I've already commented on his hotness, but talent-wise, it's pretty good. I'm pretty impressed.

Now, I am certainly no genius on the Marvel universe. Normally I stick to the Avengers side of things, but people said this was good, and, looking at the title of this lovely article, I was in the mood for some violence. (Now I just want a bowl of ice cream and a chick-flick. I hate being a girl)

So... yeah. That's it. I don't care who reads this, but I felt like ranting. This shall be my ranting site. So much better than complaining about random things to strangers on the street. Strangers online are so much better! Except they don't give out cookies... :(

So goodbye, my fellow nerdians! So long. :P

-Me x


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