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This post is about Vandal Savage and his major part in the upcoming show on The CW called, DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

First I'm going to be talking about who he is and a little bit of his origin. Vandal Savage was a prehistoric man or a "caveman" who was exposed to a meteorite that changed his physiology making him able to live forever. He has lived through history (which is why the Time Masters monitor him) and he manipulate some of history's greatest conflicts such as WWII, the Trojan War, the rise of the roman empire and others shown in the picture below.

Next I will be talking about him in the DC TV universe. He is trying to take over the world (shocking really). The mini Justice league is trying to stop him. I think that the writers for The Flash and Arrow (just as they have done for all of the other characters to be in the new show) is they have written in somewhere to introduce him in one of the shows. We may see little easter eggs early in the season but I think he will be officially recognized around the finales of the shows.

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