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Tyler Ourada

Fant4stic doesn't even feel like a Marvel movie, rather it feels more like a bad monster movie. Yes I said monster movie, not super hero movie.

What are Marvel movies known for?

  • Great action
  • Great humor
  • Stan Lee cameos
  • Great Chemistry between characters
  • Post credit scenes

Fantastic four (or Fantastic Flop) has absolutely none of that.

  • It had no humor
  • Tom and Jerry have better chemistry than these characters
  • No post credit scene (though I doubt this movie will ever get a sequel)
  • the most intense battle in the movie, was me fighting to stay awake
  • Stan Lee didn't even bother to show his face in this fantastic mess

Fantastic Four may be a Marvel property, but it is not a marvel movie. The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel, feel more like Marvel movies, than this, thing, did.

Heck, even Pixels felt more like a Marvel movie.

This was a boring movie, and not worth the price of admission.

Go see mission impossible instead. Even Pixels is more worth your money and time, than the Fantastic Flop.


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