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Hello fellow Moviepiloters, today my article will be explaining why pretty much Ben Affleck's Batman and the Arkham trilogy Batman share many similarities to each other and are pretty much one in the same. Let get started.


Just like the cover picture for my article above Ben's Batman and the Arkham trilogy Batman look very similar from the jawline, cowl and size. Out of all the actors that have played Batman, Ben Affleck is the best physical choice to ever the character and has the look just from the comics and games as well. Some would say he was born to play this role, how could you argue with that?


The Batmobile in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks very similar to the one in the recent video game Arkham Knight. I don't know if Zack Snyder and co. took tips from the video game or vice versa, regardless though they both look dead similar to each other. They both pretty much are mini tanks and are carrying some serious heat. It would be awesome if Ben's Batmobile works the way the one in Arkham Knight does.


Another thing that Ben Affleck's Batman and the Arkham Batman are similar gadgets and tech to one another. For example the "tech cowl" that was shown at Comic-Con, the description pretty much fits the one that is used in the Arkham games. In the Arkham series you usually use this feat called detective vision where you look for evidence or solve clues with it throughout the whole Arkham series. The "tech cowl" that will be used by Batman in Batman v. Superman looks like it will do the same. I don't know if Zack is a fan of the Arkham games and is taking cues from it or it just so happens that all the things i'm listing they just happen to coincide with each other but hey the Arkham Batman is a badass so why complain.

Robin Suit

Another similarity that Ben's Batman and Arkham Batman share is that there respected robin's both share similar suits. Usually in the comics or cartoons they portray Robin as a little kid but in the Arkham series or in the DCEU from there respected costumes they look like young adults. Again I don't know if Zack plays the Arkham games or not but if he does it smart for him to take cues from this brilliant series.

History with the Joker

One last thing that these two Batmen share is there deep, detailed history with their arch-nemesis, The Joker. Supposedly Ben's incarnation as Batman has been around for 20 years which means he has a deep history with Joker which means that Joker has caused grief and pain to Ben incarnation for many years including a dead robin. The Arkham trilogy Batman has common similarities, deep detailed history with the Joker that has pain and grief along the way the only difference is a certain robin that was supposed to be dead isn't, it a spoiler for the game Arkham Knight so I won't go into details. Having a shared detail history with the Joker always makes for a good story so i'm glad that Ben's Batman is going the same route as well.

Well that all for my piece, if you enjoyed my article don't forget to share it and follow my page if your so kind. And if you have any thoughts make sure to comment down below.


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