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A good friend of mine gave me the idea to fancast a Teen Wolf spin off, he did make one himself too:,manual Go check it out.

Plot: When Jackson graduates High School as a douche. Isaac moves from France to London. When Isaac runs into Jackson they get attacked, but after beating the werewolf Jackson kills him and turns into an Alpha. Isaac might need a pack and Jackson can't be alone, after some bad villains come into town Jackson needs a bigger pack. So he and Isaac find some boys that want to help.

Cast Season 1, The Pack:

Colton Haynes as the Alpha (Lead)

Daniel Sharman as the Beta (Lead)

Olivia Cooke as a human (Lead)

Jennette McCurdy as a beta

Jake T. Austin as a Beta (Blue Eyes)

Leon Thomas III as a Beta

Holly Earl as a Beta

Dylan Sprouse (Were-Hyena, Beta)

Cole Sprouse (Were-Hyena, Beta)


Bill Milner (Hybrid, Vampire x Werewolf)

Craig Roberts (Werewolf, Beta, Blue eyes)

Nell Hudson (Witch)

Bel Powley (Witch x Werewolf huntress)

Justin Bieber (Vampire)

Jack O'Connell (WereWolf, Alpha)

I didn't take all experienced actors or GREAT actors, because it's a TV Show and they never have the money as a big movie.


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