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Hello everyone, and welcome to Battle Arena. Today, after seeing the Fantastic Four movie (which was terrible), I am going to pit the members of the Fantastic Four against one another to see who truly reigns... Fantastic.

Mr. Fantastic

The Leader of the Fantastic Four, and definitely the most intelligent. Reed Richards is one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, surpassing even the likes of Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom. This combined with his superhuman abilities makes him truly fantastic.


  • Highly Intelligent- Reed Richards is one of the most greatest minds on the planet, granting him the ability to build almost anything given enough time. With a mind surpassing that of Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom, Reed Richards is a straight up genius.
  • Plasticity- Mr. Fantastic is granted with the ability to elongate and alter the shape of his extremely malleable body, granting him a number of abilities.
  • Extreme Durability- Mr. Fantastic's malleable body allows him to withstand any physical injury, from bullets to knives, thanks to his near instantaneous malleability.
  • Elongation- Mr. Fantastic can extend his limbs to incredible lengths, surpassing even a thousand feet.
  • Shape changing- Mr. Fantastic can change and alter the shape of his limbs and turn them into a variety of tools, including hammers, fans, parachutes. etc.

This is a brief rundown of Mr. Fantastic's powers, now lets see his love interest, Susan Storm.

Invisible Woman

Susan Storm is a highly intelligent scientist, while not on the level of her love interest, Reed Richards, she is incredibly smart. Combined with her versatile and vast array of abilities makes her an extremely valuable asset to the team.


  • High Intelligence- Being a scientist, and being the lover to Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm is a highly intelligent mind, but not to the degree as Reed and the other incredibly smart heroes of Marvel.
  • Invisibility- As in the name, Susan has the ability to turn herself and other people/objects, completely invisible. There is a limited vicinity to what she can turn invisible, being around the size of a small kiddy pool, but her control over this power is incredible.
  • Psionic Force Fields- Susan's extra ability is the ability to produce extremely durable and powerful force fields, which she can contain around herself and others to protect themselves from extremely powerful blows, levitate herself and others in the air, and expand to knock enemies and/or objects away from her.

This is what the Invisible Woman is capable of, lets check out her flaming brother, Johnny Storm.

Human Torch

Johnny Storm is the rebellious, laid back, comic relief of the team. Able to emit flames from around his body, Johnny Storm is a perfected hot head.


  • Pyrokinesis- Johnny has the ability to produce, manipulate, control and resist all sorts of fire.
  • Plasma Form- This is when Johnny emits fire from all around his body, making him entirely immune to fire and heat, granting him even more abilities. However, his physical condition does affect the amount of flames he can produce.
  • Flight- When in his plasma form, Johnny can emit flames from his feet that grants him the ability to fly at over 140 miles per hour.
  • Nova Flame- Johnny refers to his hottest, most dangerous amounts of flames as his Nova Flames, making him and his fire as hot as ever. Being able to produce "nova bursts" of fire equal to the temperature and force of a nuclear bomb, Johnny is an incredibly powerful foe with this ability.

Johnny is a burning firecracker when it comes to powers, but lets see how he compares to the likes of Ben Grimm.

The Thing

Ben Grimm is Reed's best friend and closest ally. While being a normal guy, Ben was transformed into a rocky behemoth now known as The Thing, making him a monstrous juggernaut in the group.


  • Rock Like Skin- The Thing possesses rock like skin, enhancing his physical abilities to monstrous levels.
  • Superhuman Strength- The Thing is an incredibly powerful opponent. Being able to hold his own against the Hulk on several occasions. Being able to lift around 30,000 tons with ease, The Thing is a powerhouse.
  • Superhuman Durability- The Thing's physiology makes him incredibly durable, being able to tank blows from The Incredible Hulk. Bazooka shells are nothing to The Thing, however, Wolverine's claws seem to be able to damage The near impenetrable Thing.
  • Master Combatant- Ben, before he became The Thing, was a master in the forms of wrestling, boxing, and jujutsu. This combined with his incredible physique, makes him an incredible opponent.

Alright, here we have it people. The Fantastic Four, but the question still remains... who would come out on top in a all out brawl to the death? It's time to find out!


(Dr. Doom is seen sitting on a throne inside a see through container in front of a gladiator style arena.)

Dr. Doom: Open the cells.

(4 metallic walls open up, with each member of the Fantastic Four exiting the cells. All of them with their eyes glowing red, implying they are under some sort of mind control.)

Dr. Doom: Kill them.

Human Torch: Bye bye.

(The Human Torch enters his plasma form and flies into the air, firing many fire balls at his comrades. Invisible Woman protects herself with a force field, The Thing stands still and shrugs the fireballs off, while Mr. Fantastic extends his torso and leaps out of the way.)

Mr. Fantastic: Sorry, Johnny.

(Mr. Fantastic extends his arms after Human Torch, who flies around, avoiding Mr. Fantastic's arms, hitting them with fire balls. Human Torch then sends a huge fireball down towards Mr. Fantastic, who extends and twirls his body around, avoiding the attack.)

Thing: You're mine!

(The Thing then runs at the Invisible Woman, smashing his fists down onto her. She emits a force field that protects herself from his blows.)

Invisible Woman: Sorry to disappoint, Ben.

(She expands the force field, knocking The Thing back. She then emits multiple force fields at The Thing, knocking him back with every force field. The Thing, angry, stomps his foot down, causing multiple rock pillars to protrude form under the Invisible Woman, knocking her back. The Thing then runs and smashes his fist down onto her. The Invisible Woman surrounds herself with a force field to protect herself from The Thing's hits. The Human Torch is then seen riddling Mr. Fantastic with an overwhelming amount of fireballs, hurting him with every hit.)

Human Torch: Give up, Reed!

(Mr. Fantastic yells in rage and transforms his hand into a hammer, which he uses to swing into the Human Torch, smashing him into a wall. Mr. Fantastic then expands his other fist and smashes it into the Human Torch, stunning him.)

Mr. Fantastic: My turn.

(Mr. Fantastic grabs Human Torch and swings him around like nothing with his elongated arm, ending his swinging by smashing the Human Torch into a wall, knocking him out. The Invisible Woman is then seen struggling to maintain her force field due to The Thing's constant beating.)

Thing: You're weak, Sue!

(She expands her force field, knocking The Thing back, then projects small force fields around The Thing's hands, holding them in place.)

Invisible Woman: Oh am I?

(Mr. Fantastic then runs, wrapping both of his elongated arms around The Thing's head, allowing him to pull The Thing, knocking him down onto the ground. Mr. Fantastic extends his legs and steps over The Thing as he swings his hammer shaped arm down onto the Invisible Woman, who projects a force field to protect her self from the blow, then to emit a force field that blows Mr. Fantastic back, causing him to stumble over and fall. Mr. Fantastic rolls onot his feet and extends his arms towards the Invisible Woman, who protects herself with a force field.)

Mr. Fantastic: Can't stay in there all day!

(The Invisible Woman turns invisible and runs away. Mr. Fantastic looks around, unable to detect the Invisible Woman. Mr. Fantastic extends his arms and swings them around, forming them into the shape of wrecking balls, intending to hit her. He succeeds in doing this, but is suddenly grabbed from behind by The Thing, who lifts Mr. Fantastic in the air and smashes him onto the ground. The Thing smiles, only to get struck in the face by a large fireball. He looks over and sees the Human Torch flying towards him, slamming both of his fired infused fists into his face, emitting incredible amounts of fire into The Thing's face, stunning him. The Human Torch smiles and flies around the Thing, engulfing in in massive amounts of fire by firing continuous streams of flames at him. Mr. Fantastic gets up, only to get kicked in the face by an invisible Invisible Woman, knocking him back. He gets up, but is beaten repeatedly by the Invisible Woman. Mr. Fantastic then flattens his hands against the ground and expands them, covering the ground with his flattened hands. Mr. Fantastic then protrudes spikes from his hands in an attempt to stab the Invisible Woman, who jumps up and hovers away using a force field. This allows Mr. Fantastic to see the Invisible Woman's location. Mr. Fantastic then swings his arm at the Invisible Woman like a whip, hitting her off her force field platform. The Thing is then seen still getting overwhelmed by the massive amounts of flames being fired at him.)

Human Torch: Come on, Ben! I was expecting more of a fight from you!

(The Thing growls, then smashes his fists onto the ground, creating massive amounts of rubble, which he uses to throw at the Human Torch, who dodges as many as he can, but is eventually struck in the head. This allows The Thing to throw 2 more consecutive rocks, hitting the Human Torch 2 more times. The Human Torch falls down and The Thing jumps in the air. The Human Torch stares in fear while The Thing grabs him and falls on the ground.)

Thing: Is this good enough of a fight for ya' kid?!

(The Thing lifts Human Torch in the air and is about to smash him into the ground, only for the Human Torch to emit a massive explosion of fire, using his Nova Flame. This stuns The Thing, freeing the Human Torch, who flies around, engulfing the entire arena with his incredibly hot flames. The Invisible Woman covers herself with a force field while Mr. Fantastic is put in immense pain due to the flames. He falls to his knees and succumbs to the heat, dying. The Thing manages to endure the fire, then smacks his hands together, blowing the Human Torch into a wall. Angry, the Human Torch proceeds to emit more fire. The Thing runs towards the Human Torch, who flies towards the Thing. Fire is everywhere and as soon as the Human Torch comes into contact with the Thing, he releases a Nova Burst, blasting The Thing into a wall, shattering it. A force field suddenly covers the Human Torch's head and slowly begins to shrink. The Human Torch begins to freak out while his head is slowly crushed, killing him. The fire in the arena clears and the Invisible Woman confronts the Thing, who gets up, clenching his fists.)

Thing: It's just us, Sue.

Invisible Woman: And it's not going to stay that way, Ben.

(The Invisible Woman clenches her fists, covering them with force fields. The Thing and the Invisible Woman run at eachother, with them throwing at punch at one another. The Invisible Woman surrounds The Thing's hands in small force fields and moves them back, allowing her to slam her fists into The Thing's face, using force fields as boxing gloves. The Thing tanks every punch, smiling at her futile attempts. The Thing kicks the Invisible Woman, who projects a force field. However, she is knocked back into a wall. She crouches down and projects a force field around herself while The Thing rams into her. He grabs the force field and smashes it into the ground, then kicks it like a soccer ball, causing the Invisible Woman to fly around the arena like a pinball. She flies towards The Thing, who punches the force field with immense force. This succeeds in dispersing the Force field, allowing The Thing to grab the Invisible Woman's neck, choking her out.)


(The Thing lifts the Invisible Woman into the air and smashes her onto the ground, killing her. Dr. Doom then slowly claps.)

Winner = The Thing

Reason: It was quite difficult to come up with a singular victor in this Battle Arena. All of their abilities counter and bring faults to each others in so many different ways, but I realized that the most likely outcome would come to the Human Torch using his Nova Flame, which will without a doubt kill Mr. Fantastic, who can take physical blunt blows, but his malleable skin doesn't protect him form the intense heat that the Human Torch can emit. Now once the Human Torch uses the Nova Flame, The Thing and the Invisible Woman will have to try their best, and the Invisible Woman will use her force fields to a deadly degree, like crushing his head for example, something he cannot counter. This leads to the Invisible Woman and The Thing. The Invisible Woman's force fields allow her to defend herself against from all of The Thing's blows, but her force fields can only take so much, and since she has no legit method to take out the Thing, who can withstand all of her force field shock waves with no scratch, he will most likely outlast the Invisible Woman, who isn't known for her stamina like the Thing is. He will eventually tire out the Invisible Woman with his constant attacks, allowing him to land an actual blow on the Invisible Woman, and one blow from The Thing will most definitely take her out. The Thing is the superior member of the Fantastic Four.


Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Judge, Jury, and Executioner


The greatest Bounty hunter in the galaxy
The greatest Bounty hunter in the galaxy

Thank you guys for reading this installment to my series. Now I made this due to the Fantastic Four movie, but I need to let you all know how terrible of a movie it is. DON'T SEE THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Thank you.


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