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As the summer movie season draws to a close (admittedly in a bad way with Fantastic 4), there are still so many movies coming out later in 2015 that have me excited. Here are my top 5 most anticipated movies for the rest of 2015:

5. Sicario

Emily Blunt looking badass!
Emily Blunt looking badass!

Directed by Dennis Villenueve, the film stars Emily Blunt (playing another badass character after Edge of Tomorrow), Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, and Jon Bernthal. Aside from the awesome cast, I am excited to see Dennis Villenueve's take on a crime drama with a Mexican border backdrop. I thought his movie Prisoners was the best movie of 2013, and Enemy was a solid psychological thriller. Knowing that he's on board to direct the sequel to Blade Runner, the sky's the limit for Dennis. Don't let me down! The film releases on September 18th, 2015.

4. The Revenant

Leo's pissed that he didn't get that Oscar!
Leo's pissed that he didn't get that Oscar!

Now I wasn't aware of this movie until the teaser trailer dropped some weeks ago and I was just blown away. First of all, this film looks like it is shot gorgeously, and I heard a rumor that it was only shot using natural light. And if that's the case, what a feat! Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, who won an Directing Oscar for Birdman, is the directorand it looks like he's implemented a ton of long takes, and I adore long takes. The intensity of his direction is apparent from this teaser trailer alone. However, most of my anticipation lies with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy (but mostly Leo) in delivering stunning performances. Here's to hoping Leo will win the Oscar for The Revenant (probably won't). The film drops on December 25th, 2015 in limited release (a Christmas gift I suppose).

3. The Hateful Eight

I have many damn good reasons to watch this movie!
I have many damn good reasons to watch this movie!

At this point, The name "Quentin Tarantino" is synonymous with quality (and bloody) entertainment, and the Hateful Eight appears to be nothing less. There is no trailer out yet, but looking at some of these set photos, I can just tell the commitment and attention Quentin is putting into Hateful Eight (as he does with all his movies). And if Sam L. Jackson isn't enough to put you in the movie theater, you straight crazy. The film releases on December 25th, 2015 in limited release. December seems so far away!

2. Spectre

"James Bond isn't my cup of tea"- said no one ever
"James Bond isn't my cup of tea"- said no one ever

I like my spy movies shaken, not stirred, and James Bond holds a special place in my heart. I've loved every single Daniel Craig Bond movies (with the exception of Quantum of Solace) and Spectre looks like another fun spy blockbuster adventure. While watching the trailer, I think that the movie is going to have a lot more action and cool gadgets, which definitely harkens back to the Sean Connery Bond films. With Sam Mendes directing again, this movie will probably have a similar style to that of Skyfall but a different execution. I swear I'm probably going to wear a suit and tie when I go to the Thursday night premiere! The film releases on November 6th, 2015.

and Number 1.............

1. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

May the force be with you, movie!
May the force be with you, movie!

I think this was a no brainer. If you aren't excited for this movie, um.... how...? Ok fine, let me try and convince you to become excited:

  • JJ Abrams
  • They brought the old cast back and also have a new cast.
  • It's not a prequel.

Need I say more?

Alright so, this was my list of my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2015.


Which of these are you most excited for?


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