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I have more of less been addicted to video games my entire life. When I was 6 or so I would break into the locked door of my older brother's bedroom to play games on his c64. And in the scope of the next couple years I would hound strangers at the local roller rink (where my mom thought she was sending me to skate) for quarters to play miss pacman, galaga etc... It never stopped. I have always had a video game I have felt mildly addicted to with the exception of about 23 24 years old. When I would be out all of the time drinking with friends. Fast forward to Mass Effect 1. I was not in the first round of purchasers for the game. But upon playing it, it transported me into a world in a way that I had never experienced. I felt so close to my companions and felt so much for them ( with the exception of Kaiden and Ashley who I wished would both have died in the nuclear blast...). Mass effect 2 was even better with the exception of Liara missing for too much of the game. And I am one of the few (apparently) that loved the ending for 3. Sometimes in life even when. We have done EVERYTHING we could to change the outcome, it still happens. And I was fine so long as Garrus and Liara were okay. I got 3 of the best written games in History, that told me an amazing story with characters I cared about almost as much as real people in my life. And I could not be more indebted to Bioware for this extraordinary gift of art. And I look forward to 4 with great anticipation.


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