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Obviously the CW's attempts to form a shared DC superhero universe are working. Their success with Arrow allowed them to spin off The Flash, which proved in it's maiden season to be a powerhouse. And now they have [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) as well, which gathers together a team of heroes to deal with a bigger threat. We can assume that eventually something even bigger will come and all the heroes will join together in a final battle, but before then there is more universe building to be done, and we have to wonder what shows will be next? First I want to talk about a show I don't see happening and why.

Green Lantern

No! No! No! No!
No! No! No! No!

While I am still hopeful that the CW will be allowed to use a Lantern, the announcement from Warner Bros that the 2020 reboot will be called Green Lantern Corps assured many that the multiple Lanterns sure to appear in that film will stop the CW getting any. Besides, look what happened with Flash. They put him on TV, and that version is so popular that people want him in the films instead of Ezra Miller. That won't happen, but this overshadowing is bad for the film version, and they will try to stop this being replicated. So, despite the references to Coast City and Ferris Airlines, I don't imagine we will see Hal Jordan anytime soon.

Now that's cleared up, onto the possible shows.

1. Birds of Prey

Not quite.
Not quite.

This could be a great idea. Personally, I loved the original show they did for this team, and I think the strong female characters we have in the various shows could make a great team. I see a line up consisting of Felicity in an Oracle-like role, with Black Canary, White Canary and Hawkgirl in the field. They could even throw in characters who have appeared in the Birds of Prey comics like Wildcat (already introduced in Arrow) or Katana (also already introduced in Arrow) because those characters aren't doing anything in Arrow right now. They could also easily bring in new characters well known in the comics, like Lady Blackhawk. On a side note, Vixen is also a recurring character, and she has her own upcoming animated CW show which Arrow and Flash are guest starring in.

Could happen because: Black Canary is fully established as a hero in her own right now, and when Oliver comes back to Starling in season four, she might decide to start off somewhere fresh that needs a hero. Also those other Arrow characters not being used.

Might not happen because: White Canary and Hawkgirl are likely to be in Legends of Tomorrow on a long term basis, although it is still possible the team will change it's members through the seasons.

2. Justice League Dark

Is a movie happening? Some say yes, but maybe not in the DC Cinematic Universe? That doesn't work. Doesn't matter. I am in no way suggesting they call the show that, but I think that the huge potential for the Constantine series has been wasted, and you could definitely do a show like Legends, but with characters that deal with magical villains. Constantine could lead, you could have Vixen's live action version in it, and other characters you can basically pick and choose from a wide selection. My personal choices would be Zatanna, and maybe Animal Man or Etrigan.

3. Doom Patrol

I think this is how the CW could deal with the loss of Suicide Squad. They had the team in a couple of Arrow episodes and it showed promise, especially Deadshot. But the upcoming film has taken away that option, so why not introduce Doom Patrol? They've always been a little grey in their actions, and I think it could be a really interesting element in their own show.

4. New Gods

This would be the greatest thing to ever happen. What do you do when you lose Suicide Squad? Introduce Doom Patrol. What do you do when you lose the Green Lantern Corps? Introduce the New Gods. If you want to eventually get to a major threat, odds are it will have to be alien in nature. If Supergirl is to join these shows eventually, then aliens will have been introduced, but I think a team like the New Gods could really give you a missing link there that helps all the heroes understand what the force is. Kind of like the Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU know who Thanos is.

5. Legion of Super Heroes

Another replacement, this one for the Justice League. They have a team now, but when Arrow runs it's course as a lone show, you need to have Stephen Amell on another one, like this. He could start leading up his own team against bigger threats, and that way everything could lead to a massive ending on this show. It just makes sense. Doesn't have to have that name, I just thought it was a good way to explain the type of thing I was getting at.

What do you think? Could we see these shows coming soon? Or are other shows more likely? Let me know in the comments!


Which show would you like to see most?


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