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Supernatural is, hands down, my favorite show and has been for the past 5 or 6 years. It combines brotherly love, supernatural lore, classic rock, a slick car, and badassery. The suffering and victories of the Winchesters have provided some of the my biggest (fictional) emotional roller coasters.

That being said, the series hasn't always been outstanding. Its first ten seasons had expected ebbs and flows. While a show going into season 11 is certainly established, it is also in a unique kind of danger. Struggles that were an anomaly in an early season start to seem like a pattern in later seasons. What once was a misstep is now a full fall and a repeated mistake is a pattern. So, how can the Winchesters have a great season and avoid extinction?

Let them do what they do best. Series creator Eric Kripke stated "we were going to make a horror movie every week. It was about the monsters" ... until they realized "God, those two guys and their chemistry is so much more interesting than the horror movies we're showing." While the focus eventually (and rightfully) shifted to Sam and Dean, it cut its teeth and earned its renewals on a story-of-the-week formula. In my opinion the series has, at times, strayed too far from these roots in its pursuit of a grander narrative or more global consequences.

A return to a weekly case formula still provides ample opportunity to pursue the interesting meta-narrative. How the Winchesters interact on a case, or who they call in for support, reveals subtle clues about their relationships and the situation in the world at large. Perhaps the boys are on the run again or something happens to the communication network. Watching them do what John trained them for in a Jericho-esque world could be a huge hit. Occasional run-ins with other hunters to provide information that could be true, but could be rumors. No matter the meta-narrative, Sam and Dean carry the show. We need to see them saving people, hunting things (the family business) on a weekly basis.

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