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Now let me start with the point that i hope the current Fantastic Four gets a sequel because i believe there is potential there moving forward. With that said, if Marvel Studios had the Fantastic Four what would they do with them?

Firstly, who would Marvel Studios cast?

Looking at previous Marvel Studios films they always seem to cast the talent they want and surround them with experienced, respected actors to help take the pressure of the talent they have selected.

Now, i have the feeling Marvel would want an older Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm but a younger Jonny Storm.

So who would Marvel Studios Cast as Reed Richards?

Now for an older Reed Richards I believe Marvel would go with someone like Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is a big name but not a big enough name that he will demand a huge contract. Bringing gravitas to a role that requires somebody with leadership qualities. McGregor wont be over shadowed by anybody and is known for consistently, his personality and acting chops could bring a real complexity to Reed Richards.

Who would Marvel Studios cast as Sue Storm?

Im doing these castings for a realistic view, with people haven shown interest in working with Marvel and have already had communication with Marvel. So, I believe Marvel would choose someone like Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain brings another level of respect to the franchise while also being in the age range Marvel Studios will be looking for. She has made it clear she is interested in joining the universe after being asked about Captain Marvel:

“We’ve talked about aligning our forces in the future,” Chastain said. “And here’s the thing with me… If you’re going to be in a superhero movie, you only get one chance. You’re that character forever. So why do a superhero movie and play the boring civilian?”

So if she's not Captain Marvel, then i reckon she could bring a level of depth to Sue Storm that we haven't yet seen on the bring screen because i would like to see sue be the glue between team members with her relationship with Reed and her brother Jonny

So who would Marvel Studios cast as Jonny Storm/The Human Torch?

Now this is where Marvel would choose a younger Human Torch/Jonny Storm to bring in younger audiences and have the potential to cameo with a younger Spiderman in his movies. So I believe Marvel would pick someone like Dylan O'brien.

There were rumours he was considered for Spiderman and he's made it clear he's keen to play a superhero when he mentioned his love for Spiderman. Jonny Storm could be a perfect fit for his O'brien as they will be looking for a younger Jonny Storm to appeal to the younger audience so he needs to come across as cool and full of personality plus he has the acting chops to work off Jessica Chastain who would be playing his older sister.

Who would Marvel Studios pick for Ben Grimm/The Thing?

Now the thing has to be close friends with Reed Richards so he has to be a similar age but he also needs have bit of an attitude but needs to bring some dead pan humour.

Ben Grimm needs to be the heart of the film and i believe that Robinson can do that as well as bring a dry humour to the character, that would work so well for the film. Again, Robinson is well known but not big enough draw a big contract which are the type of actors Marvel seems to go for.

What would the story look like?

As far as the plot goes Max Landis recently gave glimpse of what his plot would look like for the Fantastic Four and as soon as i read read a few comments, it felt like a movie that could fit right into the MCU

"IIRC in my pitch for FF, the ship they went up on was called “The Fantastic.” So the news media ultimately called them “The Fantastic Four."
"My movie was primarily a fun heartfelt comedy about science and friendship, so it doesn't surprise me they went in a different direction."

This is the direction I believe Marvel would take the Fantastic Four, with that last quote almost being taken straight out of the marvel handbook.

Marvel Studios is notorious for not concentrating on their Villains in films, they prefer to concentrate on the development of their heroes and this movie would be no different. Victor Von Doom would be around around but he wouldn't become Dr Doom till down the track. The villain would be somebody like Owen Reese who becomes molecule man, he could be working with Victor on research into what caused the The Fantastic Fours accident and from that he would become molecule man who can pretty make move and create anything thats not made of organic matter. You can now use villains like Galactus and Annihilus down the track in Avengers movies and Dr Doom and the Skrull in Fantastic Four 2.

Marvel would concentrate on the idea of family. Bringing together four different people from different backgrounds with completely different personalities to unite in order to save lives. Disney would love this direction and story of the fantastic four because its all about unity and very family friendly but can also appeal to a wide range of age groups. Fox doesn't understand the potential that this property has and thats a real shame because there are so many different directions you could take these characters.

What do you guys think of my prediction on what marvel would do with the Fantastic Four? Agree or disagree make sure to write down your comments below!


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