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Or at least, what I HOPE Lex meant by it!

So Mike Davis just wrote this a few days ago, explaining what he thinks Lex meant when he said "The Red Capes are Coming." While his idea would make more sense for this movie, which is already chock-full of superheroes, my take on it is quite a bit different.

I've seen every episode of Smallville at least twice, and even though I'm not a huge comic book fan, I've looked a little bit into the guy I'm about to talk about.

In the trailer (need a refresher? sure you do!):

there's a scene where someone, probably Lex Luthor or his goons, unzipping a body bag with big bad Zod in it.

What happened in the comics and Smallville when Lex gets ahold of some Superman Kryptonian DNA? Yep! He takes his own and combines it to make...


i've alwyas like the black shirt/red S more!
i've alwyas like the black shirt/red S more!

Producers like to jack with mythology quite a bit when they make movies (Fantastic Four, anyone?), so who's to say the moviemakers aren't maybe going to twist things up, and use this movie as a possible lead-in to another movie, starring Conner Kent?

Maybe when Lex said that the red capes are coming, he might have meant mini-LexSupes!

I know, this is pretty far-fetched, but with all the Harry Potter and BvS theories popping up here lately, I had to chime in with my pipe dream too!

Would it not be cool as hell to see Superboy onscreen someday soon though?

This guy thinks so!
This guy thinks so!

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