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Hello fellow Moviepiloters, for this article I will be explaining to you why our Dark Knight will overcome the impossible odds and beat Superman in Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice.

1.Combat skills.

In Man of Steel, Superman was vastly beat in hand to hand combat by Zod and Faora, the only reason why he came out on top was because his powers were stronger than there's. Granted it was his first day on the job and he had no combat training like the kryptonians he faced but it unlikely that he been working on it in Batman v. Superman seeing how there would be no real threat since Man of Steel. Now if what the fight choreographer say about Batman fighting style is true and that he gonna fight like the world class martial artist he should be than Superman gonna be in some serious trouble. Look if Batman brings Superman down to his level in the fight and if turns into trading blows then Batman has the serious upper hand and will totally destroy the Man of Steel in hand to hand combat.

2. Wayne Manor.

It been confirmed that the fight happens inside Wayne Manor and i have to say that a win for Batman in so many ways than one. Reason why is because Batman obviously knows Wayne Manor well seeing how he lived there at one point and could have set up traps for Superman to walk into and effect him when the two are duking it out in the movie. If Batman on his playing field the odds are stacked in his favor.

3. Older, Experienced.

This incarnation of Batman is a little bit more older and experienced in this line of work and i know i know before you grab the pitchforks saying he never faced someone like Superman before, let me explain to you why being older and wiser is an advantage for Batman. Well for starters Batman a smart fighter and he not one to charge into battle without being prepared and this incarnation has been around the ropes a few times so don't expect a brash Batman immediately trying to fight right away because he knows he outclassed when preparing to fight Superman. And who knows he still might have a few tricks up his sleeve.

4. Krytponite .

Obviously this would be on the list at some point. We all know at some point in the movie Batman will get his hands on krytponite and use it in battle against Superman. Now remember when i say Batman would have a few tricks up his sleeve? Well this is one of them and according to Zack Snyder the suit will be laced with krptponite when going up against Superman. That a perfect advantage for Batman seeing how it drastically brings Superman down to his level and at that point it could turn into a slugfest where I think Batman is the superior fighter between the two. I have a GIF where it seems like the effects of kryponite is already weakening him severely.

Superman is running at human speeds. Hmm?
Superman is running at human speeds. Hmm?

5. Underestimation .

Look I'm not going to lie, If i was Superman was going up against Batman, a man with no powers, I would have all the arrogance and cockiness in the world seeing how I have god-like powers going up against a man with no powers at all. But the thing is Batman wants you to underestimate because that when he's most dangerous and will strike. Batman isn't just some ordinary human, he a human who has achieved physical and mental perfection and skillset that is out of this world. Batman not afraid of gods and hopefully when the fight is done between the two Superman will realize that he would rather have Batman as a friend than a foe.

6. Determination .

Batman has a personal vendetta against Superman in Batman v. Superman and he will do anything he takes to get rid of Superman because he sees him as a threat just after the destruction of Metropolis and just in case he ever goes rogue. When Batman has his eyes set on destroying you at any costs you should start worrying because Batman never gives up no matter the cost. Superman gonna be in for a ride come March against our favorite caped crusader.

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