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It appears that Warner Bros.Pictures have decided to delay 2 of Ben Affleck's upcoming movies. Live By Night and The Accountant have both been pushed back by the studio.

Live By Night which is written and directed by Ben Affleck has been moved to some time within 2017 from October 2016, and The Accountant has been pushed back to October 7 2016 from January of that year.

The rumors flying around are hinting that the studio want's Ben Affleck to focus solely on a new Batman movie spin off as well as the new installment of Justice league scheduled to begin filming in Spring 2016.

It's no secret that Batman is dominating the DC cinematic universe, and according to rumors from Warner Bros. insiders, the future of DC Movie slate will now center around Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. A special screening of the Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice to a small group of studio executive's was arranged and by the end of it it is said that the executives gave a standing ovation praising Ben Affleck's performance as Batman.

Therefore the studio is said to be trying to get Ben Affleck on-board for another three Batman solo movies and one Warner.Bros executive went as far to call Affleck as the "Definitive Batman"

Although nothing is official and nothing can be fully confirmed i am personally extremely happy of just hearing such a rumor and would not be surprised at all if we see this become reality.

How do you guys feel about Ben Affleck giving us a new Batman trilogy?


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