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No. While Fast and Furious can adapt to multiple situations, it has lost one of the people that make the franchise extraordinary. Paul Walker was part of the main family of Fast and Furious, without him a space is left empty and that space cannot be filled or ignored. Brian was the glue that kept everyone together, one of the only people that could beat some sense into Dominic, no matter how the Furious 8 turns out, it will never be as good as the first seven movies that had Paul, had that sense of family, trust and friendship. That bond between all the actors cannot be recreated. And I just have to mention that they are bringing in Justin Bieber to heal that link between the characters. Now, I do not know who is going to act or how good his acting skills are but having a person like Bieber (inexperienced) showing up in a franchise that is on its eighth movie is a big risk.


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