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Schindler's List is a stunning and spectacular film that tells the horror story that the WWI and WWII was for Jewish people. Directed by Steven Spielberg it is one of his most reality based films. It is filmed in black and white which, as you watch it, takes you back in time to the war. The viewer not only sees how Jewish people are treated but the disgust Germans feel towards them. It is a fascinating tale of how a man can transform from only focusing about money and business to being the savior of thousands. Liam Neeson acts out the role of Oskar Schindler, a powerful businessman. In my opinion, it is the best Lian Neeson film and performance as he outs so much emotion into the character that the viewer feels as if they know Schindler personally or can at least relate in some way. The films doesn't hide the ugly truth of war, in fact, it displays it clearly. It is my personal opinion that instead of watching 'Boy in the striped pyjamas' in high school, we should watch this film as it gives us a more in depth view of the WWII.


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