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"Fantastic Four" was in the negative limelight for many reasons, even before the release of the movie. I'm a superhero movie fan who didn't read the comics, but I have some basic knowledge of all the characters. I went to the movie with an open mind and here is my review.

I kind of trusted FOX not to misuse their characters like SONY did with their Spider man. I had an optimistic hope that movie would prove the critics wrong. Yes, the movie did prove some wrong, but they weren't critics. They were die-hard fans of Fantastic Four. I'm pretty sure fans would be sulking around in a corner and brooding over the disappointment of their favourite film.

The movie can be judged of two parts. The first half was good, focusing on team relations and characters. Whereas the second part of the movie is simply monotonous, boring and tiresome.

Here’s where the movie went wrong. In some parts, the CGI was pretty bad that it looked like a space film from the 1940’s. The villain was just stuffed into the plot without any goal or emotion, just because the heroes need a punch bag to punch.

Reed Richards' portrayal was not up to the mark and it kind of deviated from the comics. They portrayed him to be a coward who runs off when his friends needed him the most, though later he makes necessary amendments for his mistakes.

Doctor Doom was shown to have powers, which were not mentioned in the comics. The movie decided to go with Susan and Johnny to be adopted rather than siblings. Though it was a welcome move in the start, but the movie lacked the sibling chemistry they had in comics.

Some of the emotions portrayed in the movie were unrealistic, especially at one moment they all were at each other’s throats and suddenly they were together fighting as a team. The team accepts Richard’s running away without any proper apology, just like that! The climax was unusually boring compared to other superhero movies where climax had to be fantastic.

One thing which the movie got right was the portrayal of Ben. Though it is a CGI, it in par with the comics. They also enhanced our heroes' powers so that they look super cool. They have also got the absolute team bonding in the first half.

What spoils the movie experience is the plot of the second half. I don't know with what plans FOX went ahead with this! They also have sanctioned a sequel to this. It seems like they have only made this movie so that the rights don’t go back to Marvel. I really hope FOX realises their mistakes, and strikes up a deal with Marvel just like Sony did.

The actors were amazing with their parts, but they couldn't shine because of the plot.

Watch the movie only if you are a die-hard fan of Fantastic Four. You can also watch the movie, but don't expect it to be fantastic like the Avengers.



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