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For years, The Incredibles has been compared to Fantastic Four; with similar powers and plot devices, the two have had fans fighting and screaming about who should sue who. No matter how similar the characters and facts are, I have always set these movies apart. By the end of this post, you'll definitely know which one is which!

1. Five is not Four

Let's start with the obvious: if The Incredibles was trying to rip off Fantastic Four, they did a pretty bad job of it by having five members instead of the titular four. I kid, but technically, it's true. Granted Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack make an amazing team and so do Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Johnny & Susan Storm. Also, they all have capeless, spandex outfits that are moulded to their specific powers, but it wasn't like The Incredibles were called the Fantastic Five or anything.

2. Amazing Supporting Characters

Even though The Incredibles contained zero space travel, the supporting cast were out of this world! Completely quotable and distinctively hilarious, characters such as Fro-zone and Edna (even the baby-sitter) were fantastic inclusions that elevated the animated film.

Fantastic Four doesn't quite have a supporting cast. There was the wife that left Ben after seeing him as the Thing. And then there was Ben Grimm's blind love interest in the 2007 sequel, who was kind of nice. And who can forget those random guys in suits that sit around that table in that one scene! Loved them, right?

I kid, but the truth is that The Incredibles did feature a very strong supporting cast.

3. It's All About Family

Plot-wise, the films have some similarities; the team forms, squabbles and then squabbles and then finally unites together to fight the big bad villain at the final epic battle on the busy streets of some skyscraper filled city. That is also the same plot as the Avengers, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Transformers. So, it's not that the Incredibles copied many plot ideas from Fantastic Four but more like there's quite a bit of cliches being passed around in Hollywood.

4. The Incredibles Got it Right in Their First Try!

Fantastic Four has ironically tried four times to try to bring these comic book legends to the big screen. With the recent Fantastic Four movie completely bombing in the theatres this year, it is quite sad to see how poorly Hollywood has treated these loveable and fun characters. I actually didn't mind the 2005 rendition of the four. It was quite an enjoyable watch on a lazy day.

However, The Incredibles totally killed it and catapulted to the top of my favourite Pixar movie list. It was loved by kids, adults and everyone in between. With great characters, an exciting plot, and fun references and jokes, it was Pixar's successful attempt of making a superhero family movie. If it's not obvious yet, I love the film and am ecstatic about the sequel coming in 2016!


Which movie do you think did it better? Write about it now!


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