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Rainbow Six is currently one of the top first person shooter games, as such there is a chance that the game will eventually be eyed for a film adaptation. Rainbow Six seems like it would be the obvious choice for any studio looking to cash in the video game movie trend. As the years go on we could be looking at loads and loads of adaptations based on some of the most popular game titles.

Here's a brief synopsis of the game:

Rainbow Six describes Rainbow as an international counter-terrorism operation hosted by NATO and funded by money funneled through the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The base of operations for Rainbow is located in Hereford, England (at the time, home to the SAS), due to the United Kingdom being one of the most accessible countries in the world and having one of the world's foremost special forces units. Most of the characters in Rainbow are American or British, though the NATO countries of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, and the NATO ally of Israel have at least one representative each.

If a studio did manage to get their hands on this property it would mainly be to use the brand in order to draw in a potential audience. When you break it down Rainbow Six seems like any first person shooter game about a counter-terrorism unit. The minute a studio were to announce this movie was being made gamers everywhere would come out in force to expresses the skepticism of the whole production. Inevitably we might see a Rainbow Six movie especially if a studio were to stumble upon an article like this.

Rainbow Six could become a target if the video game movie craze gets a sudden boost which could happen in the next three years if the situation with video game movies has improved by then. The studio would then try to hire as many big name actors as they could in order to maximize box office numbers. If a studio does secure the film rights for this game then it could become a successful action franchise or just another painful reminder of how bad the track record with video game adaptations are.


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