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Just like his other movies, Tony Stark's movies seem to revolve around one thing: his character development. That is something I have really enjoyed about the Iron Man movies! As a writer, I love watching character development in movies, tv shows, and books.

Using a slightly different format than usual, I'm going to look at the storyline and characters of Iron Man 2.

The Storyline

In this movie, Tony Stark once again strives to right the wrongs that he has caused from his past. He does this more fervently in this movie because he thinks that he is dying. If you were dying, wouldn't you do everything you could to make things right? I know I would and this is what Tony did.

I personally loved this scene in the movie. We get to see how reckless he is becoming after realizing that he is dying. I think that this scene was done very well, just like most of the other action scenes in the movie! I have never liked Tony's demeanor, but this movie helped me understand why Tony is the way he is. This is also where we first see the real villain of our story, Ivon Vanko.

The Characters

I love how in the Iron Man franchise, the villains are always someone Tony has messed up. In this case, it wasn't necessarily himself, but actually Howard Stark's fault. It was interesting in this movie to see more of Tony's relationship with his father. We got to see a lot of that and it helped develop Stark's character even more. It added a new dimension to his character! However, with this said, I didn't really like the secondary villain of this movie, Justin Hammer. He just seemed a little out of place in the storyline.

Even though Hammer wasn't a great villain, there were other new characters in this movie that I loved!

We were once again introduced to Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. We also get to meet another new character, Black Widow. This is another thing that was great about this movie. It connected to the last movie, but also gave us insight on what is to come! Marvel is amazing in their ability to connect each of their movies. This is something I love about them. I appreciate it almost as much as watching the relationship between Pepper Potts and Tony grow.

They are adorable. I have enjoyed watching their relationship grow throughout the movies. It really gets kicked off in Iron Man 2. It continues to grow throughout the movies. Their relationship is the thing that keeps Tony put together. I wholly believe that Tony will cease to be functional if anything happens to Pepper.

We also get to see another new hero join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Colonel Rhodes as the War Machine.

War Machine is becoming a more prominent character in the newer Marvel movies, such as Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was so exciting to go back and see where his story begins!

This where we get it's connection to the later movies. War Machine and Tony both needed to get involved in the Avenger's Initiative. This movie is where it all began! That is why this movie exists. It wasn't my favorite Marvel movie ever, but I see why we needed it. It added character development and a new superhero! Now, to sit and wait for Captain America: Civil War!


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