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Jurassic World. Is it back from Extinction?

After the announcement that there was going to be a fourth film in the Jurassic series the film world held its breath to see if this new film could bring life back to the Jurassic franchise.

The success of the first film in the series (Jurassic Park 1993) meant that this new film had a lot to live up to, and with the anticipation of this film from the Jurassic fan club, it meant that this film had to deliver.

So once again we are transported back to the Island of Isla Nublar where the first Jurassic Park movie was set but this time the park has been renamed Jurassic World and is now open to the public, filled to the brim with tourists all wanting to catch a glimpse of the real life dinosaurs.

The story follows two young boys called Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) who are travelling to Jurassic World for the first time to spend some quality time with their aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is in charge of the day to day running of Jurassic World.

Gray is a very smart young boy, who is infatuated with everything dinosaur and overly excited about visiting the park, his older brother Zach on the other hand is in the moody teenage phase and is only interested in looking at girls. After landing on Isla Nublar and being greeted by their aunt’s personal assistant, as she is too busy in meetings to show the boys around herself, it is the boys’ first mission to ditch their babysitter and explore the park themselves.

Meanwhile, Aunt Claire is meeting important park investors, keen to get them to sponsor Jurassic World’s latest attraction; a genetically modified dinosaur Indominus Rex, developed to bring more tourists to the park. The staff at Jurassic World soon find out they’ve got more than they bargained for with this new intelligent hybrid dinosaur, as it tricks its way into escaping its enclosure and starts heading for the heavily populated park in search of prey.

Enter our new hero of the Jurassic franchise Owen (Chris Pratt). Owen is the Velociraptor keeper at the park who has been working closely with the raptors in order to become the packs alpha, in a study into the intelligence of the Velociraptor species.

After Gray and Zach go missing following all the rides becoming shut down for public safety it’s up to Claire and Owen to put their differences aside and find the boys before the Indominus Rex does.

This Jurassic movie has gone all out for the fans wow factor, introducing new breeds of dinosaurs and not forgetting everyone’s old favourites. Director Colin Trevorrow with the help of Stephen Spielberg (named as a producer) have stayed true to what made the first film so believable, with an equal blend of animatronics and CGI effects, they have managed to make the dinosaurs look as lifelike as ever.

With the male lead headed up by Chris Pratt as Owen, he brings his trademark good looks and witty one-liner comedy style made famous in his role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ straight into this film , which blends in very well with the cleverly written script, packed full of cheesy references to the original Jurassic Park movie. Pratt delivers an outstanding performance that is sure to help boost his chances as getting cast for the new Indiana Jones reboot, as well as making every women in the cinema wish their husband was that badass.

Pratt’s performance is aided with the amazing on screen chemistry he has with leading lady Bryce Dallas Howard who plays park boss Claire. Bryce Dallas Howard brings many different layers to her characters performance making you fall in love with her characters flaws and transformation into a women on a mission, whilst running through the jungle in extremely impractical heels!

Jurassic World has broken Marvel’s box office record in its opening weekend proving there is still life in this old dinosaur franchise yet. This movie has officially delivered as a follow up worthy of its quadrilogy’s origin and kept old fans happy whilst inviting new younger fans to the party.

It was never going to be as good as the original Jurassic Park movie as that was a true masterpiece way ahead of its time and out there as a stand-alone original dinosaur movie, but this movie, Jurassic World is a damn near close second.

8/10 score from me. Something for the whole family to enjoy.


Jim Parkhill


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