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Arshad Khan
... actors starring in classic movies where screenplay is unique, so it is without shadow of doubt Basil Rathbone, the number one Sherlock Holmes. People need to fully comprehend how Rathbone played on screen, it was phenomenal, intelligible detective and after a long deliberation on who's the best Sherlock, it can be only him, Rathbone. Mike Cumberbatch played it brilliantly for the tv screen and the best for 21st century. Downey Jr plays it brilliantly for Movie screen in the 21st century. Jeremy Brett also shined on tv screen, so you have to ask yourself one question, 2 brilliant tv actors, Cumberbatch & Brett were exceptional on tv screen. These 2 actors are the finest Sherlock actors ever played. There have been others, but, not as brilliant as Cumberbatch & Brett. 2 great tv Sherlock actors and two brilliant movie Sherlock actors, 'Rathbone & Downey Jr'. If I was to give a mark out of ten for the best Sherlock ever, this is the point scale. 1.Rathbone:9.9, 2.Cumberbatch:9.8, 3.Brett:9.7, 4.Downey Jr.9.6 Furthermore, 4 different actors who have a creative interpretation of how Sherlock can be portrayed on tv screen & movie screen. I have never seen the best 4 Sherlock sctors on screen. The American intrepretation of Sherlock and not forgetting Holmes is a travesty and a poorly written. Hollywood are mocking splendid fictional characters and trying to reinvent characters in a new light, e.g. Joan Watson, American version of Holmes is a joke and a replacing it with a different gender is not right or plausible. The British producers are the only people who truly make the best ever Sherlock for screen. Lastly, when the latest tv Sherlock was made, it was carefully written and adapted for 21st century, so I say to you, qualitative written material and production and intelligible dialogue are the only path to great Sherlocks.

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