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Vinay Shankar

A few days ago, it got me thinking. We all loved Mark Hamill role as the Trickster in the CW series -The Flash and he did a brilliant job acting and what not. But something occurred to me. Obviously, there is Star Wars in the Flash universe, as there were various references to it and this is the most direct reference to it in the episode, The Flash vs. Arrow. (Episode 8, Season 1)

Cisco quoting Yoda.
Cisco quoting Yoda.

So, since there is Star Wars in the universe of the Flash, and Mark Hamill obviously is a villain in the Flash, so here's where we get to the main question - WHO was Luke Skywalker in the Flash? George Lucas couldn't have just offered James Jesse the role to be Luke Skywalker, but it is still somewhat mind-boggling. So what do you think? Leave a few posts.


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