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Phineas and Ferb, one of Disney's best animated series as we all know has wrapped up. But lo and behold, there will still be the O.W.C.A. Files to look forward to in Fall (check your local Disney Channel schedule.) We've learned a lot from Phineas and Ferb's Summer adventures, and the guest characters I will list below are hardly considered trivias, howeverI was surprised to learn that these actors guessed-starred in my favorite show! (Well you know, I don't really read the ending credits so...)

1. Ming-Na Wen (Dr. Hirano)

In Phineas and Ferb, Ming-Na voiced Dr. Hirano, Stacy and Ginger's mom.

She's the voice behind the hero of China, Fa Mulan, as well as Agent 33 in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I didn't know there was another Secret Agent aside from Perry!

2. J. K. Simmons (J.B.)

I heard him first barking orders in the original Spider-man it's a wonder I didn't recognize his voice when he appeared as J.B., the head of the Hardy D Har Inc. in the Toy To The World episode. Simmons also voiced other characters in later seasons.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus (Buck Buckerson)

The resemblance is uncanny! Billy Ray voiced over Buck Buckerson in Season one's episode It's A Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World. Buck is a monster truck rally champion and Candace's main competitor. He lost the parallel parking challenge when he made the same mistake Candace did, though. On the bright side, Phineas and Ferb let Buck have the rally after they used it.

4. Tim Curry

Tim Curry (whom I still know as Pennywise) voiced Dr. Lloyd Wexler (or at least the mixtape) and Stubbings in the episode A Hard Day's Knight. He also voiced Worthington Dubois in the episode Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets.

5. Judd Nelson (The Guru!)

props to me for finding similar images!
props to me for finding similar images!

Okay, this one surprised me the most. I forever call Judd Nelson as the badass from Breakfast Club but he voiced the Guru from the episode Isabella and The Temple Of Sap which makes him all the more awesome in my book!

6. Tina Fey (Anabelle Johnson)

Drat! They even looked the same and I didn't catch that! The awesome Tina Fey voiced the long-lost Johnson family member Anabelle in the episode Run, Candace,Run. Suffice it to say, when Candace accidentally brought Anabelle with her (she's wearing fast shoes, the prototype) everyone was shocked at the Johnson family reunion, and Candace finally gained the approval of Jeremy's grandmother.

7. Joan Cusack (Glenda Wilkins)

The inspirational Joan Cusack voiced another inspirational character in the episode Last Train To Bustville. Her character was Glenda Wilkins(the first female train conductor in the entire Tri-State area) and while telling her story to Candace, she inspired her to just give up! Apparently, Candace being Candace just heard "blah blah blah blah give up! BlahBlah Blah Blah give up!"

8. Helen McCrory (Lucy Fletcher)

Sweet mother of Draco! Mrs. Malfoy *ehem* Helen McCrory, voiced Lucy Fletcher in one of my favorite episodes, My Fair Goalie. Lucy is the sister-in-law of Lawrence and, quite like Narcissa, Lucy is very proud of her husband's achievements against his competitions with Lawrence, although actually Lawrence just lets Adrian win all the time. In this episode she has a daughter named Eliza, and 5 sons called Beckham (3) and Pelé (2).

9. Michael and Dylan Douglas (Waylon and Russell)

In a Phineas and Ferb Halloween Special, Michael Douglas' son, Dylan voiced over Russell (that little kid below the guy holding a mic) and Michael as Waylon, in the episode That's The Spirit. Phineas and the gang met Russell while trick-or-treating and pretty much did some adventures with him inside his haunted house. His father Waylon, is an expert in special effects, and they're likely touring America every Halloween with their haunted house (which wasn't really a house).

10, 11, 12. Michael J. Fox, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (Michael, Kristen and Jared, respectively)

When I realized that it was them, my favorite people, Sookie Bill, and Marty in my favorite cartoon show, I had to re-watch it. This episode was in The Curse Of Candace, the three appeared in a film Candace and Stacy were watching. But could you imagine my face when it dawned upon me that it was them?!


13, 14. Gordon Ramsay(Chef) and Goldie Hawn (Peggy McGee)

Okay, a lot of you probably know about this already, that Chef Gordon voiced over a Chef, and Goldie Hawn voiced over Peggy McGee-- the Flynn-Fletcher's next-door neighbor who was also Candace's only other witness in her brother's shenanigans throughout Summer. Too bad she was also arrested for the Pyramid Scheme! They both appeared in the Thanks But No Thanks episode.

15. Jon Stewart (Mr. Random)

Well, we all probably knew this.. that he voiced the evil Mittington Random in the episode The Klimpaloon Ultimatum. That episode is just awesome just like the man himself.


He may have stepped down from The Daily Show but let's all wish the man happiness for what he wants to do next!

Honorable Mentions:

Simon Pegg & The Shaun of the Dead gang (Night of The Living Pharmacists)

Patrick Dempsey& the Top Gear gang (Live and Let Drive)

Josh Gad (Doof 101)

I often overlook these things and if you didn't know most of these, I'm just as surprised as you are. If it's even possible, Phineas and Ferb will never cease to amaze me.

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