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Took a month off to watch and look for new films and other Anime that I've never heard of and are mostly underrated. Even had a chance to watch Studio Ghibili's last film they have produce as well as Satoshi Kon's last project. Already looking for stuff to put on the list for next month, so fill free to share your top Anime films or shows that you think would be good to put on list in the future. Also included links to where you can buy/watch all the animes I recommend.

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday follows a women who travels to a more simpler style of life on a farm and recalls moments of her younger self that she has need to move on from but is being held back from something. We get to see certain moments from her life from having problems at school to not knowing what she wants to do in the future. I was surprised at how interesting everything was for how simple and uninteresting it really is. Its directed great and tells a story that might just be more relatable than you would think.


Ocean Waves

Follows a man who travels back to his hometown during college and beings to remember his last year of high school and his interesting relationship with this girl during that time. After I watched this movie I found out that this is Studio Ghibli's only straight to television film, which surprised me because I wouldn't have expected this movie to be. From the animation and story telling the quality of film is equivalent and superior to most animated films I've seen. I think it a very underrated film from them and you should definitely try and seek it out.


When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There is Studio Ghibli's possibly last film ever, and its one of their best. For the most part Ghibli films have been more family oriented with only really a hand full of films that lean toward the more mature side. This I think is their most mature film to date, not so much from the content in the film but more the meaning behind everything for someone to understand it all. I won't give out much of the plot because its still relatively new but this is easily in my top 5 films from them. When the movie comes out its going to be one worth buying.


Dareka no Manazashi (Someone's Gaze)

This is a shortfilm from Makoto Shinkai. It follows a girl as she is becoming more and more distant from her father. We see why she has become the way she is and more of the story of he relationship with he father. It looks fantastic and just from what you expect from Shinkai and tells a tighter story than more of his full length films, making this one more satisfying than most of his films. I would love to see more shorts from him in the future. Its only around 7 minutes so if you have the time, check it out!



This is Satoshi Kon's last project that he had ever worked on and its kinda brilliant. Its very short so anyone can watch it and the story is very simple. That is what makes this so great, and different from his films. There is no twist or dialouge in this film. Its short, sweet and very inspiring something anyone fans of animation should see.




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