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I am a huge MCU freak from The Avengers, Agents of Shield, The Defenders, Gotg i am the Marvel Films fan page creator and lead admin on FB
Douglas Michael Rahm

I think it would be awesome seeing Fantastic 4 in civil war but idk if they should be, hearing the reviews of Fantastic 4 at the box office I don't want to see Civil war turn to poop because of how fantastic 4 was played out.

And also look at Fantastic 4 the heroes and even Doctor Doom (if you can call (her) that) Everyone knows Doom is a male NOT female and trying not to be mean but none of the cast makes me think Fantastic 4 like the Thing he looks to much of rock. To much computerised i think, and look at Reed Richards he makes me think of a geeky smartalic and lastly Sue and Johnny Storm they are brother/sisters so how would they be related now one is black the other is white will it be half related or one's adopted at birth? some of you might think that sounds racist but think about it in the comics johnny was white so think about this is it more racist to change how heroes look from the comics or making fans mad that the hero was changed to see something confusing think about it if they kept him white and say johnny and sure are siblings that would make since now that one is white and one is black it's over telling about the heroes and if the movie doesn't state how the 2 are related (if they still are) the question left is how are they related? The old team was written perfectly how they got the powers and why they went to space the new sounds as if the government experimented on them and also the uniforms don't make you think OHH, HEY IT'S THE FANTASTIC 4! instead they look like back up government agents. I would be alright seeing them in Captain America: Civil War if the team was as the original 2 films


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