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1- Post Credit Scene, "Captain America-Civil war.

This one Is a personal dream cameo. It would be more suitable for a post credit scene than apart of the actual movie as it wouldn't adjust to what will most likely be a serious film pitting to avengers against each other in a battle for the right to remain anonymous about having powers. OK! now imagine this, The news are In a frenzy as a distressed Peter Parker (now known worldwide as spider-man) a nervous wreck. Why is he a nervous wreck? because a Mr W. Wilson won't Stop forwarding flowers, Chocolates and Lingerie to his Home address. As he pleads on national Television for this too stop we see none-other than Deadpool tip-toeing behind him with a ridiculously over sized gift with "not a puppy" stamped on the side. The we here the words from Parker lips " Please stop I have a Girlfriend". These words Cause him to stop in his tracks drop the gift and walk away with a lowered head ending what will hopefully be another brilliant film.

This would be a perfect addition as a post-credit scene purely for entertainment value. We have seen the relationship form between the two characters in a way where Deadpool has been shown to attempt to be frisky with Spider-man in the past and with His beyond eccentric nature this is shore to be what would happen if The regenerating Degenerate were to finally know who his twisted interest truly was.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

This Cameo would be brilliant on the basis of two reasons. The first being Guardians of the Galaxy are Anti-heroes in their own right and Deadpool could just be a fellow bad-ass looking for directions in space. Two It will be a hilarious movie like the former so he would fit in perfectly anywhere.

The most perfect scenario here for Fans everywhere because it would not have to extend to just Deadpool. Imagine the guardians in a hurry to find Thanos and make a play for the Infinity Gauntlet and then out of nowhere the Beau Arther Rolls up beside them The window rolls down. There you see the Entire Deadpool Corps- Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, Kidpool and Headpool (Singing he ain't got nobody, and nobody's got him.) ask for directions to where Galactuas and the nearest Mexican establishment might be.

Another 20 seconds of screen time with an impact that would highlight yet another masterpiece. Not only would it Add the Possibility of a Deadpool corps movie and further Cameos for each Character but it also pay armidge to the time Deadpool became a Herald of Galactus and Talked his ear off so badly it drove him bonkers.

3. The Avengers - Infinity war

This one has been played upon before, But instead of having him Heating something in Tony Starks Microwave, why not give him a cameo of serious proportion. Imagine the end of the War, Thanos is Triumphed and the Gauntlet lay there with no one to wield its power and once again a member of the team is at Deaths Door. While the Team is busy saving their fallen Comrade why not have Deadpool Tip Toeing to the Gauntlet and have him steal one of the Gems! It wouldn't be the first time he was in possession of one(a stone that alter Continuity) And who said he held onto it knowing his random nature he prbably tipped a waitress with it when his Chimichunga was perfect. Now he just wants it back. He would obviously caught, Say the injured member(s) might open their eyes and make note of his presence. This would be the most unlikely of the list but a good one if it were to actually be a possibility. It would also tie into the cameo in Guardians of the galaxy, all you would need to do is change it from Galactus to Thanos as the person he is searching for.

4. X-men Apocalypse

This Cameo could actually happen as He is apart of Fox just like his fellow mutant kind. What could the cameo be this time you say? Well look at the Photo above. Simply have a showdown early on with no winner to establish the antagonists power. But before the bell rings for round one have The Merc with the mouth storm past The X-men crying and hug Apocalypse. An odd Cameo but it would play to the fact that in some instances Deadpool was actually an influence on him as a child (as seen below).

5. Wolverine 3

Finally we save the best for last. With rumors circulating and the Adamantium coated Beast himself playing on it, Old man logan will be what will be his last horah! So why not finally unite the cindride spirits? and instead of a cameo give him a decent role? I mean with his body aging who said Logans healing will be up to scratch for the task ahead. He would need someone who can help, Someone will skils, someone who cant be hurt.... He needs DEADPOOL. It would be the ultimate Team-up with the inclusion of Professor X as well. There would be reference after reference of the Horrible adaptation of Deapool from origin to the point of the only reason he agreed to help is to say sorry for ruining his movie. There would also be opportunity to play into Deadpools character.

I mean no one in the marvel universe is quite capable of handling Deadpoll in large doeses so why not have Wolverine go to attack him only to be stopped by the professor. Who has read Deadpools mind and sheds light onto what is truly behind this crazy physco. Not only would it add to Deadpool as a hero not a thug it would also be a nice sentiment to the movie. Let the people who aren't comic fans know he is more than just a jackass. Overall Deadpool Inclusion In what is sadly going to be Hugh Jackmans last time as this character would be a wonderful addition that could add so much to the movie and make it one to remember.

Thanks for reading!!! Please don't be too harsh :)
Thanks for reading!!! Please don't be too harsh :)


Which Cameo would you like to see Deadpool in the most?


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