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I'm short, cute, sometimes funny, but mostly just sarcastic.
Megan Briettia Tanner

This may sound strange, but this is almost identical to my couch, that happens to be sitting in my dining room. Odd place for a couch right? Yeah, I though so too, but this piece of furniture is so damn big that it can't fit anywhere else. So, of course, I have made it my mission to find a matching set for it, maybe another huge damn couch, maybe the loveseat to match it, maybe another chair, because I have one of those too. I have spent all morning, even some of last night, to fulfill this mission, and the only matches I have found, are in far, far off lands, like Canada, or upstate New York. These couches were a staple in the 60s, in many homes, in movies, in magazines, french provincial, How Chic, but now, nothing, nada, no pretty couch sets for me, unless, of course, I want to leave the country for one, and after my morning, you better believe your sweet behind I'm thinking about it. Yeah, it may be a strange, limited time obsession, but you do have to admit, the couch is beautiful. ;)


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