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If you could have any power in the world, what would you have? Super-strength? Or speed? Would you want to be able to control things and read people's minds? Would you want to talk to animals, or know everything that happened to a person by just touching their skin? Or the power to know what happened in a room just by touching the wall? Or would you want the power to change the past?...

There are so many superpowers to choose from. You could do anything. Personally, I'd choose invisibility.

This isn't the most impressive of all the powers, I know, so maybe my choice seems strange. I'm a very shy person so I am attracted to the power of invisibility, but that's not the only reason I'd choose it.

A Power to Serve the Greater Good

Holy Musical Batman! Starkid on Youtube
Holy Musical Batman! Starkid on Youtube

It all comes down to a process of elimination. First, you need to know the reason for wanting a superpower. I'd like to make a difference and help people and save people from heartache and pain. So now I have my reasons, I need a power to accompany this. Super-strength or speed is no good to me. I don't quite know how I'd be able to help someone with these powers, apart from throwing large rocks at the villain, or maybe carrying more than one person to safety. These two powers are impressive and they'd be cool to have - but they are not good enough for me. Eventually, after much thought, it came down to two powers: invisibility and the power to change the past.

Why we Shouldn't Change the Past

Changing the past means getting to the root of the problem. I could go back and stop the suffering from ever happening in the first place. I grew up in a rough area watching my family suffer after family problems so changing the past really appealed to me. But I don't want this power. Why? Because bad things are meant to happen. You are meant to make mistakes. You learn by failing sometimes. Like everyone else, I have some sad memories - and that's OK. A lot of them have lead up to the life I have now. How do you learn that an oven is hot? You might have touched it and burnt yourself when you was a child, or in my case - your mother yelled in your face not to touch it because it's hot and she was frightened you'd burn yourself. You have to make mistakes and go through bad things to get to the good. You appreciate things more if you have had to go through something unpleasant to get there.

So if I could change the past, I'd be too afraid of affecting the future. I wouldn't want to undo the lessons I had learned, or affect the amazing times that followed the bad. Sometimes you need to leave the past where it is, and move on for the sake of your future and your happiness.

Invisibility: The Logical Choice!

That leaves invisibility. I like the idea of being able to walk into a room and listen in on private conversations, to see what people really think of me. I'd have really benefited from this in my younger years when dating because I found it really hard to trust men in case I had gone for another player. If only I could have spied on them to see if they were bragging to their friends, or flirting with someone else! Muahaha! Just kidding!

With invisibility I could sneak into rooms and places I wouldn't normally get into, or I could sneak past the enemy and save people. I'm a very quiet person so stealthily saving the world would be my thing, meaning invisibility would be the most useful to me personally. I don't want recognition, or people to know my name. I don't want to be mega famous and have loads of attention on me, so invisibility would be the perfect power. It would be easy to steal stuff for other people too! Yes - I know stealing is wrong, but I could be like Robin Hood and steal from the rich and give to the poor - I need invisibility!

I think sometimes we all need to hide and get away from everything. I can do that too with invisibility. As well as being able to help people and save the world with my power, it would also give me advantages too - and that's why I choose invisibility!

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