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Yesterday, 8/7/15, I went to the S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit at Discovery Times Square...AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! When I walked in, they told me I could not take pics, which really sucked, but they did not say I could not tell anyone what I saw...well, at least non of the actual staff did...

You start by creating a S.T.A.T.I.O.N. ID, this card tracks you progress through the exhibit, updating your stats as you go through. When you get into the exhibit, you enter a large white room with mechanical doors. After the doors close, a hologram appears on the walls, it is one of the big wigs Fury used to answer to. He briefs you on your mission and then a secret door opens. This leads you to a briefing room similar to those in the show! You are given a brief summary of the avengers and then you are free to move on!

That first room shows the costumes and another summary of Hawkeye, Widow, Fury, Cullson, and Hill, showing their costume as well!

Then, you go to a room dedicated to Cap, showing off his suit. Along with that, there are stations where you have to swipe you ID and do some tests. One is an endurance test, you have to spin a wheel with a pair of cranks that can be adjusted to different difficulty, and it tracks your speed and distance and compares it to Cap's. Then there is a grip test, again, measuring the psi of your grip and comparing it to Cap. There are also three other machines that do not require physical exertion, a reaction test, a test that tracks your BP as you are exposed to stimulants (showing how well you could handle a variable task and keep a level head). And a weight and height measure. Plus, there a couple things that give you the science of Cap, like how Cap survived 70 years in ice! (Turns out, Cap's enhanced body allowed him to regulate his blood sugar, making his blood freezing point way lower than normal, putting his body in a cryogenic state!)

The next room is Hulks, it shows you some of the science behind Hulks transformation. It shows you how Banner's brain changes when transforms, how his blood cells change, and of course, how his muscles and bones change! You even get to "test" the effects of gamma radiation on your DNA!

Next is info on the Tezeract, our planet, space (both of which are designed by NASA), The Chitari, Loci, the Red Skull, and Hydra. Also, a little bit of info on Thor and Asgard, how the bifrost works, etc.

Finally, the exhibit ends in engineering and Iron Man! Here, you will get to use Stark's Particle accelerator and "create your own element." Then, there is a machine that simulates the helmet of Iron Man. It tracks brain wave and eye movement to interact with the objects on screen, that was probably the coolest part! There is also a full Iron Man Mark VII suit and a simulator that tracks your movement to show you how it is to "wear" and use Iron Mans full suit! (This is just a video simulation though)

So there you have it, a small summary of the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit! I recommend you go see it asap for two reasons, one, it is freaking awesome!!! Two, it is ending soon!

Any questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Again, I cannot stress enough how awesome this is! You have to see it to believe it!!!


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