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Now this is more or less a follow up to a piece I did just yesterday...and here's why. As much as I love Marvel and love what they've accomplished, I have always been a DC fan at heart. When, 2 years ago, Zack Snyder announced in a room full of fans that his next effort would be Bats and Supes together, we all collectively nerdgasmed and for good reason...yet many of us were left with a little emptiness. After seeing we could get a proper big screen Superman in full red and blue glory (with stunt work and CG), many of us looked at DC's impending movie lineup with a bit of a question mark (at least I did). Now my piece yesterday was how a Man of Steel sequel could be placed in between both Justice League installments, like Aquaman and Flash in 2018. I even offered up a big bad who isn't so big or bad...Mr. Mxyplyzyk. I offered a little hint of what could be done on screen to bring this classic comic-book nuisance to life and how it could be turned into a unique and inventive...well, you get the idea.

After publishing that piece, I poked around and what I found could only be described as limitless, seriously, limitless. When you look at the villains Marvel has used so far, they've done pretty good, not great but pretty good. And that's the snag. Loki in Avengers was awesome fun, almost perfect, while Ultron left a little to be desired and that's only because they changed his origin mostly. And, next up, we know we're getting into internal conflict (Civil War) and by 2018, Cap, Stark and friends will thrown down with Marvel's biggest bad of them all, Thanos. Now we've gotten glimpses of Thanos and it looks like we're in good shape. And that's the important item...Marvel is showing that these classic baddies can be done properly almost right off the pages.

Me in 3D?...You're too kind...
Me in 3D?...You're too kind...

Now, between rumors and theories that we're getting Doomsday possibly for Dawn of Justice, and there's plenty of nasties for both Justice League matches, the fact that we're not getting a Man of Steel sequel until 2020 possibly tells us that the big bad market will be more specific since Supes will be throwing down by himself. And, let's face it, after Batman vs Superman and both Justice League features, we can almost assume that certain characters will be exhausted, at least temporarily. The biggest reason I thought of Mxyplyzyk is that it's completely left-field and full of possibility. One of the my biggest gripes with MOS was no none. maybe a couples of scenes that warranted a grin, smirk or chuckle. True entertainment have to have all elements and a MOS sequel that possibly goes against the grain could do just that and in a way that nobody would expect. And, again, I previously mentioned, a different director for the sequel would probably be a great idea. Marvel did it when they parted ways with Joss and grabbed the Russo brothers for Civil War and Infinity War and, once again, fans everywhere (mostly) nerdgasmed about it.

I've seen Man of Steel enough times, like many of us, that I have it memorized and, like the rest of you, I'm hungry for more. We'll get our first DC feeding in about 7 months (say that out loud) and from there the ride begins but to know that Henry Cavill has to wait to show us that he can truly master a Superman movie, hopefully without Zack Snyder, is really a letdown. Which brings me to concluding why we do, in fact, deserve a MOS sequel and that's quite simple, my friends. It's because we're the audience and without us... you get the idea. The only saving grace is that by the time, he does get his 2nd adventure, WB will have had plenty of time to blow our minds and pull our eyes out of our heads... I hope... thoughts?


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