ByJohnathon Hanson, writer at

I just love how you can be sneaking around, hearing the conversations from different gang members or infected citizens of Dunwall. This plus enjoying the view really pulls you in and makes you feel like your into the game. I've played games that were supposed to be scary but it takes more than gore to get people scared these days! Let's take another Bethesda made game I was very excited about, The Evil Within. Sure the game gave a scare with some twisted and morbid scenes I will give it that but being such a liniar game with no choices really on how to beat a level and with a puzzle every 5 feet, I felt like it could have been so much better! How was i supposed to feel the intense pressure having to restart a puzzle over and over with so few bullets and abilities? choices and options should be mixed in with tasks you choose to do or not do. How cool is it you can finish a game and not have done all the side missions only to replay it and complete each and every mission, maybe even make different choices affecting the outcome! Am I the only one that gets annoyed with puzzles that get repetitive? I realize Dishonered isn't per say a scary game but I got emotionally caught up more than I did in Evil Within and thats what im looking for in my games.If I could make a spooky game it would be more within the formula of Dishonered because just alerting the guards is enough to get my heartrate up! With the city in turmoil being so dark how cool would it be if they pushed the scary envelope on a few levels? From a guy that loves new surprises and enjoyed the ones Dishonered gave us, I can only hope Dishonered 2 takes it to the next level!


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