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Josh Tranks Reincarnation of the Fantastic Four on the Big Screen Just Bombed So very Hard. Receiving A Whopping 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.3/10 on IMDb. Beating the ever so Horrible "Elektra" for worst Superhero Movie to Date.

Me Personally didn't think it would do this bad. I Thought Fox for sure Struck Gold with the all star Cast... But I guess not. So where does this leave Marvel's First Family. Here are 3 Options for our beloved superheroes:

3. End The Franchise Completely

Probably the Most Unlikely Option Considering they are such a popular group with so much more stories to tell.

2. Continue with this Franchise

I Guess Not
I Guess Not

With a 2017 release date for a sequel this is a little more likely than the last but not as much as the next because the box office revenue is also extremely low for a movie like this.

1. Give The Rights To Marvel

Marvel's First Family Belongs with Marvel. Johnny and Sue Storm went to Midtown High. You know who else went to Mid Town High. Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man. Maybe marvel could introduce the 4 all attending Midtown but as regular people. Let a couple years go by and boom Phase four comes around with College students becoming The Fantastic Four.

What do You Think Tho?


What Should Happen To Our Beloved Superheroes?


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