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Harry Potter fan theories have been making waves on the internet for years. People are simply not willing to let go of The Boy Who Lived and Potterheads across the globe continue to come up with various fan fiction and theories. I personally have read loads of these for entertainment purposes and while a lot of them are certainly enjoyable, it's hard to find many that are well thought out and completely coherent. However, scrolling through my Facebook news-feed a couple of hours ago, I came across this, courtesy of 9GAG and simply had to share it:

I looked further into it and apparently it's a theory that has been setting the internet ablaze the last few days. I've heard about people linking Harry and Voldemort to the third and first brothers before and find that sensible. Voldemort's quest for power did lead to his downfall and Harry welcoming death with open arms like an old friend largely contributed to his triumph. This is the first time I'm hearing of Snape being linked to the second brother and while I can see why that is, I don't find it as concrete as the Harry and Voldemort comparisons. The big new idea this theory brings to the table though is that of Dumbledore being death. Having possessed all the hallows at one point or the other and truly being involved in Snape and Voldemort's death lends this idea credibility. The fact that he greeted Harry at King's Cross definitely rounds it out.

Of course, no theory is a 100% and soon enough we'll be reading various comments on how or why this simply isn't possible or doesn't fit with what we already know. As I said earlier, this is the rare theory that I actually enjoyed reading and thinking about. It's incredible to see how all of these years later, Harry Potter still manages to blow our minds.


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