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After the terrible critical and box office reception of the rebooted Fantastic Four, the fourth attempt at trying to make a good Fantastic Four movie, leaves us all asking the same question, "what now". They could still end up making a sequel, with a new director and basically reboot a reboot, like G.I Joe did in G.I. Joe Retaliation, keep the same characters but drastically change what was wrong with the first one and bring on someone big like Bryan Singer, to help fix the franchise. Thats not a horrible option, but with all the hate for this movie Fox would be dumb to green light a sequel to this movie because they could end up having a bigger flop then this one is projecting to be, with a horrible Friday night opening number of 11.3 million the second lowest superhero movie in recent memory, right behind Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.


What was your favorite version of the Fantastic Four

The best bet to make a successful Fantastic Four movie at all is to not make one at all. After the failure of this movie its time to stop trying to attempt this and do something completely different, make the fantastic Four supporting characters in the X-Men franchise.

Now i know what your asking

"how can this be done".

Simple, get rid of anyone who was involved in the reboot. Recast the characters and actually make them adults not the fucking Fantastic Toddlers again. Next thing you do is already have them as the fantastic four, no more fucking origin stories. The X-Men franchise right now is set in the 80's perfect we could get the retro suits back and make them look 80's-ish and bright colors and for Doom stick straight to the comic book look, not that fucking thing in the reboot, that was not Dr. Doom, thats was a fucking joke. Then you have them team up with professor X and they take down an enemy that is a threat to both of them. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four have a lot in common with dealing with these powers and how the world kind of see's them as monsters which would be cool to see them both dealing with it in the same movie. Thats my plan to save the Fantastic Four property or just give it back to Marvel.


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