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I want to first go off saying that everything that was stated in this article and that everything on the Wikipedia articles and everything on the internet that tells the difference between the original Titans and now are completely true. There's nothing I hate more than a show that talks about nothing has no storyline whatsoever and of course makes everything a joke even when most things in superhero shows are suppose be taken seriously.and as a kid I too had questions about the original Titan's plot and I was really disappointed to see that they did not continue the series like I was hoping they would when I first heard it was canceled and that the last episode had already premiered .I was heartbroken.Number one I really wanted to see what slade's face looked like. Number two I wanted to see if there was anyway that the other Titans could do anything to try and convince Tera to become a Titan again or at least be able to get her to explain to us how she lost her powers. Quite honestly and this is my honest opinion. I honestly believe that most of the shows that are being put on Disney channel, Cartoon network and ,Nickelodeon these days are all mockeries of what was originally shown in the 90s. I feel that they push simple, and dim witted characters and basic unfunny humor on children.In the 90's at least we could expect to learn a lesson from our cartoons while at the same time learning about real life moments. But thanks to all the humor and fantasy these days the producers are essentially raising a generation of goofballs and morons. I hope with all my might that they will come to their senses and bring back good shows to those channels I don't even care if their continuations of originals back from the 90s.I wish they would be the continuation of shows from the 90s but I would prefer any show that has a great amount of action and humor, good character development ,and a complex but interesting and engaging story. Now producers does that not sound fair? Teach the next generation real lessons and tell them how they can be better people.


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