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Ralph Buttigieg

I will start by saying I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the box office reports. Its clear the movie is a complete flop. The question is why? There's nothing new about comic book movies, there's a list of very successful movies out there, including the X-Men movies by Fox itself. Surely 20th Century Fox could have made a good Fantastic Four movie but that was not the case.

So I ask, could it have been a deliberate decision by Fox executives to let the movie fail? Whether it succeeded or failed didn't matter in one respect , the release of the movie extended their rights to the franchise. If they hadn't made the movie those rights would have fallen back to Marvel. Fox real jewel in the crown is the X-Men. they can now use the FF as leverage to get a better deal from Marvel. How about full X-Men TV, games and even comic book rights for a return of the FF to Marvel? There's been talk of a X-Men TV show after all.

Am I being too Machiavellian ? Your thoughts?


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