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Diego M. Sieiro

Graphic master David Lo ( ) did an amazing visual history of the Batmobile for ( ).

In ten images, Lo shows the evolution of one of the most recognizable cars of film, print and Television!

First one ever!

Jerry Robinson created the Joker, Robin and one of the coolest Batmobile ever!

Because we all would love our face in the hood of our cars. Batman did it first!

You thought of the fire coming out of the back turbine, didn't you?

First Bat -tank!

The car that brought Batman to the big screen!

The car that marked a glorious return to the small screen!

This one was a predecessor of modern tuning: lights everywhere yet gorgeous nonetheless.

Speeding through the XXI century, through walls or roads!

Sleek and strong, the car to face Superman. He is in trouble!

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