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Okay I know I'm a bit late on that but way back when it was made known that Marvel had the rights back for Punisher; the wheels in my head began to turn. I didn't want an aged war torn man who had been in Vietnam and was just now getting on heroes radar (just because it would means his wife and kids had to be old and adults or he married a young woman in his forties). So here is my idea for how he could pop up and still be a threat and tie into the MCU.

My idea was to have Frank Castle be from the recent Iraq war having served a few tours, come home and taken a job with SHIELD after reuniting with his wife and children. While working for SHIELD he befriends Widow, Hawkeye and Fury who meet his wife Lisa and his kids. On one of his off days he takes his family on the fateful trip to Central Park and of course they get gunned down by mobsters. Frank is visited in the hospital by his SHIELD/Avenger pals and they more or less tell him that they will get the guy behind it. Frank nods and as they leave he waits patiently for six months...

Afterwards mobsters start ending up dead, killed in ways befitting someone highly trained and intensely unhinged. Widow and Hawkeye with help from Fury investigate only to find it is their friend Frank..disheartened and disillusioned maybe even throwing the promise back in their face to which he opens fire on them. I think personally it would work in the movie universe and tie in several characters and emotions into a stirring plot to bring Punisher back home to Marvel. I hope Jon Bernthal really shines in this role and think he will kick it out of the park.


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