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I'd like to start off with a disclosure:
I do not disagree with it being a good show. The actors and crew are incredibly talented and the time that is taken to make an episode is unbelievable. With that said, lets begin.

Reason One:
The medieval theme. I have always been a fan of the medieval era, I have always loved to read about it, and learn new thing. As a kid I even had a toy castle and a bunch of knights to go with it. Game of Thrones captures it so well, but for some reason, I don't like how perfect it is. Yes there is the obvious things that are different, like white walkers, but still, other than those things, it is too accurate. I guess when you are watching something on TV you want to feel like it is a fantasy world and the world we live in isn't a part of it. Sadly with the similarities in the show to our world, I feel as if I am watching something from the past. Don't get me wrong, I love it when shows and movies have similarities to our world, but with GoT, it has too many.

Reason Two:
It is spoiled for me. Every episode, old to new, has been explained in full detail in front of me. With knowing what will happen every second of every episode, I feel as if there is no point to watch it. I know I'll get a lot of people saying "but, you don't know everything that will happen" and you are right, well, mostly. Of course I have forgotten things over the years but when I stated "in full detail" earlier I meant it. My friends can be a little bit obsessed, but then again, so can I. Since the show airs on Sundays, or Saturdays, I can't quite recall the day, I would enter my classroom on Monday and the first thing I would hear is "Did you watched the new episode yet?" Then another classmate would talk about it non stop until the entire class but me and a couple others get involved in the Talk of Thrones. Even my teachers get involved.

Reason Three:
The fan base, again, don't get me wrong, you are all awesome people and you watch what you like, continue with what you like. All I'm saying is, I've been "threatened" on multiple occasions to watch the show. I have been told that, if I don't watch the show my friends would stop hanging out with me. A few have. I have been told that, if you don't watch the show no one will talk to you. My only comments on those "threats" are, grow up. I don't watch a show that you like, I don't crap talk it, I don't crap talk you. I'll do what I do, you can go "threaten" someone else. Those people have been keeping me off the show for so long, it is because of them, I don't watch it. That and the other two reasons.

Before I end this I have a question.


Do you watch Game of Thrones?


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