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William Anderson

Well I saw the new Fantastic Four movie and I am here to give you my thoughts. Keep in mind this is my opinion so if you disagree with what is said in my review than that is fine.

The Good

The best thing in this movie are the performances by the actors. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg. E. Cathey and Tim Blake Nelsen are all great in the film. They do their best and it shows so I give them all credit.

The first third of the film pretty much focuses on getting to know the characters (for the most part) which is fine. It is slow, but it is easy to follow. I wish it would have focused on each characters specific skill set a bit more.

However, after they go to the alternate dimension known as Planet Zero; the movie goes downhill.

The Bad

I don't even know where to begin with this movie; the special effects were absolutely horrible. The CGI looked unfinished and fake, it was dull and not appealing to look at. I am referring to Planet Zero, you could easily tell these actors were in front of a green screen and that is just sad because this film had a budget of $120 million which is certainly enough to make a film like this, will the effects be on the scale of something like Avatar, no, but it should at least look real. The Thing looked okay when he was either standing still or walking slow, but when he was engaged in an action sequence he looked very fake. The same thing with Human Torch, when he was standing still and on fire he looked pretty damn good, but while he was flying he looked like something out of a video game.

There is not enough action in this movie it tries focusing on these people struggling with these abilities, which is interesting but even that is poorly executed, the final battle against Doctor Doom (don't worry I will talk about him next) was absolutely laughable. It isn't even a fight its a squabble. According to inside sources, FOX forced director Josh Trank to cut out 3 huge action scenes just a few days before production had begun on this film. I wonder why, the film is lacking action scenes it's just constant build up and exposition which is just boring. It reminded me of Superman Returns in a way.

Now getting to Doctor Doom, this is the worst version of Doom ever put on film. He gets about only 20 minutes of screen time and his motives are unclear. Minor Spoilers here, he goes insane after being stuck in the alternate dimension for a while and he decides that humanity sucks and it has to go. No other explanation. Now about his look, he looks like a burnt crash test dummy covered in dogs**t and wrapped in trashbags. Not sure why the studio fails to get him right every time. As I said before, Toby Kebbell does a good job in the role but the script is just complete garbage.

The editing is all over the place and you can tell that this film was re-shot because in some scenes Kate Mara's hair is blonde and then it is light brown in other scenes. It is all over the place, sometimes we see a cool scene with The Thing and then it cuts to something else, it feels completely random and out of nowhere.

There is no third act in this film, as I said above the climatic battle is a joke. Basically the team goes to Planet Zero to stop Doom, because he is trying to kill humanity and then they have a small fight, and then it's over. It is absolutely pathetic.

This movie had potential to be good, hell it could have been great; but there were so many issues behind the scenes and you can tell when you watch this abomination. I really wanted to like this film, but it is just terrible, it is just constant build up and exposition and in the end there is no payoff. Is it worse than something like Batman and Robin? Well in my opinion yes it is, Batman and Robin knows its a comedy film, it doesn't take itself seriously so you can have a blast making fun of it. This however takes itself serious, it tries to be dark and gritty but the end result is just a mess of a film. Like I previously said, the cast is the only good thing in this movie, everything else is just sloppy. Do yourself a favor, do NOT see this movie, go see Ant-Man again.

Hopefully Marvel Studios gets the rights back, and we see a proper Fantastic Four film in Phase 4 of the MCU.

I hope you enjoyed my review, though it is probably no different then what you have heard about this movie already.


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