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With Zack Snyder creating an ever growing DC Cinematic Universe there is one character that should be brought into the picture. Damian Wayne is the test tube son of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne. Raised by the League of Assassins he manages to find his way in the Robin suit. Why should Damian become part of this new universe? We deserve a kid in the Robin suit. In this new world Dick Grayson is probably already Nightwing, and Jason Todd is dead and will probably be returning as Red Hood. There have been a few other Robins but the main contenders to appear in a movie include Tim Drake, Carrie Kelly, and Damian Wayne. Because Batman vs Superman has not come out yet we do not know the situation on Tim Drake or the situation on Carrie Kelly. Either way people always say that a kid as Robin would not work for several reasons. However, I think Damian Wayne could hold up on the big screen. So for the sake of this article let's just pretend Tim Drake has already been Robin and Carrie Kelly is still just a girl around Gotham. I want to just explain why Damian Wayne could pull off being a young Robin kicking butt in Gotham.

1. Ra's al Ghul exists (probably)

If Jason Todd is dead we can assume he will probably be returning as Red Hood. And for those of us who know how Jason Todd comes back...hint hint Ra's al Ghul uses his Lazarus pit...that means Ra's al Ghul is alive and well in this world and that means so is Talia. Bruce and Talia may have even already been in contact which means theoretically Damian Wayne could already be training with the League of Assassins. All of this to say the stage is set for Damian to appear.

2. He's Tough

Damian Wayne was trained since he was born. Trained by the best Assassins in the world including Ra's al Ghul himself. This is a kid that knows he can kick any guys' butt. The only way normal movie viewers will believe that a kid can tag along with Batman and fight crime is if we introduce the character already kicking butts and breaking necks. Just because he is so young that is no reason to think he couldn't handle himself. We have never gotten a Robin that is straight out of the comics (I am not including Burt Ward). If we introduce a kid that already knows he can kick butt, and has the attitude that he can't die that will make him a much more believable and interesting character. That's why Damian would do so well in a movie. He can pull off being a kid.

3. He's Not Afraid

The last point leads in to this one. Damian is unafraid. He knows what he can do. He's very intelligent and although he can be a jerk as a character there are parts that make him very likable. No other Robin has been so complex. A kid raised by assassins and has seen his grandfather be revived in a pit has no sense of death and restraint. This would add even more to the character because he is not afraid to kill. And seeing Batman mentor him and get through to him would be awesome to see on screen. How can an audience not enjoy seeing a smart mouth kid beating criminals to with an inch of their life. Look at Hit-Girl in the movie Kickass she is such a likable character, and Damian Wayne is very similar to her in attitude.

4. He's Bruce's Son

Seeing Bruce with a son shines a whole new light on the character. Yes Bruce has had other young kids around as Robin but never a true son. This boy is his blood and he wants Damian to love him and respect him as his father. Giving Bruce a son allows for the character to become even more complex. And Damian even though he is kind of rebellious he yearns for his father's respect and love. Damian comes to him as a killer only hearing stories and seeing pictures of his father, the Batman. Bruce has to teach the boy restraint, and how to be a hero.

Introducing Damian opens the door to many story possibilities. With DC's new 52 there are so many amazing new stories to be told. With Court of the Owls and Death of the Family just to name two. There is a vast wealth of story material that can be used that has Damian a part of it. One of the best stories to come from the New 52 was that of Nobody. Morgan Ducard, the son of Henri Ducard (one of Batman's original trainers), comes to town and creates chaos. The focal point is trying to convince Damian to join forces with him and take the lives of criminals who deserve nothing less. The story pits father and son against each other. To see a live screen version of the story would be incredible and could do so much for the characters, adding more depth to them.

These are just five reason Damian should be introduced into this new universe. Ra's al Ghul already exists so the origins of Damian can already have happened, this Robin would be tough and physically capable of facing the same criminals Batman faces. A kid who is raised to kill would show no fear and would happily jump from roof top to roof top in the middle of the night. Damian being Bruce's son adds complexity to both characters and there are so many great story possibilities. We deserve a young kid for Robin, especially the ones who have read comics forever and have always seen a youth by Batman's side. If the world has a problem with a kid fighting crime lets give them one that was raised to kill and thinks himself to be better than any other Robin before him.


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