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Over the course of these past few years we've all seen some great Villains on the big screen. Here are my top 10.

#10 Doctor Octopus: Spider-Man 2

Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 is great. His first time on screen really impressed. Dock Ock (played by Alfred Molina) is a scientist who wanted to change the world. But with a science project gone wrong he unfortunately got 4 mechanical arms welded on his body. The outcome of this breaks Doctor Otto Octavius mentally. With his mind set on one goal. From almost killing Peter Parkers Aunt to capturing his love interest. With the achievement of making a sun and almost devouring Manhattan, Doctor Octopus really proves himself as a great Villain.

#9 Ronan the Accuser: Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan the Accuser (played by Lee Pace) is of the species know as the Kree. Ronan's duty is to judge certain planets and in this movie he comes across one known as Xandar. To avenge his ancestors deaths he chooses to destroy Xandar. But in order to do this he must acquire an Infinity Stone. Driven by power Ronan disregards his duty to bring the stone to the Mad Titan known as Thanos. From killing thousands of Nova corps to even killing Thanos's servant right in front of him, Ronan is indeed an awesome Villain.

#8 Ultron: Avengers Age of Ultron

Classic Comic Villain know as Ultron (voiced by James Spader) was amazing in his first appearance on screen. Created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as a peace keeping program, Ultron see's things a little differently. Seeing the Avengers as part of the problem with humanity he goes to extreme measures to try and take them down. As a mentor to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, he brain washes them to go along with his plan to break the Avengers. Even getting Scarlet to make most of them see the things they feared the most. From destroying a small city to almost ending all life on earth, Ultron is no doubt one of the best Villains we've seen on screen.

#7 Green Goblin: Spider-Man

So this version of Green Goblin has one thing the others don't. Originality. Played by Willem Dafoe Green Goblin is an awesome villain on screen. Being laid off from his job Norman peruses his Goblin program and when those go sideways he becomes the insane Green Goblin. Wanting revenge on his employers Norman does any and everything to get what he wants. From almost killing his own son to even sacrificing children, Green Goblin is surely a great Villain. Not to mention beating Spider-Man to death.

#6 Yellow Jacket: Ant-Man

For those who have seen Ant-Man you know how big of a threat Yellow Jacket is. Played by Corey Stoll, Darren Cross is a former student to Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas. With a theory that his boss might be the famous Ant-Man he tries to recreate his science of shrinking down to an abnormal size. With successfully achieving this goal he goes as far as trying to kill his mentor to even holding Scott Lang's (played by Paul Rudd) daughter hostage. Yellow Jacket is for sure one of the best MCU and Marvel villains to date.

#5 General Zod: Man of Steel

Probably the strongest on this list, Zod is outstanding villain. Played by Michael Shannon Zods only goal is to recreate his home planet Krypton. After the destruction of his home planet Zod travels to earth in search of Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman to inform him of what happened to their planet. After Kal-El refuses to help him achieve his goal Zod and the other 2 Kryptonians go on a rampage through Metropolis. From thousands of people killed to almost completely destroying Metropolis, Zod is surely one of the best villains ever.

#4 Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier: Captain America: Winter Soldier

Not exactly a Super Villain but still awesome. Bucky Barnes played by Sebastian Stan is great for many reasons. Being brain washed by Hydra, he was a villain who hit Cap hard since it was one of his old friends. From being apart an organization that almost killed millions of people to almost killing Captain America himself, Bucky is awesome. Setting the serious tone for the MCU and being as menacing as can be, Bucky truly delivers.

#3 Bane: The Dark Knight Rises.

Taking the number 3 spot is Bane (Played by Tom Hardy). After the events of the Dark Knight, Bane makes things even worse. Wanting revenge on Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Bane does everything in his power to Break Batman mentally and physically. Executing his plan perfectly, Bane really proves himself worthy. From killing the mayor of Gotham to even breaking Batman's back, Bane is without a doubt one of the best villains of all time.

#2 Loki: Marvels Avengers

Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is no question one of the best Villains. He wasn't always evil though. Living in Thors shadow Loki became desperate for power. From almost destrying New York to even taking rule over Asgard, Loki proves himself in many ways. He's deadly, funny, charming, and loved by millions. Not really much left to say besides who doesn't love this character?

#1 Mr freeze: Batman and Robin

So of course Mr freeze is number 1! He's funny, evil, and even his puns get people rolling!


#1 The Joker: The Dark Knight.

So yes number 1 on this list is the Joker played by Heath Ledger. Obviously this is my the number one pick for countless reasons. Having know origin or back story the Joker is a very mysterious character. He's crazy,funny, and just overall a great villain. From killing Batman's love interest to turning Gotham's savior into a criminal of his own, the Joker is surely the best Villain to date.


Which Villain do you like the best? Think I missed anyone? Let me know Below!


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