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Mark Capehart

Yes, its me. I'm back. Everyone can relax. Finished day one of Scare LA and got some observations to post over the next few days. Yes there is one more day and much more to happen there but this was the only day I could spend in full...stupid capitalism!! Tomorrow there are papers to grade and professional correspondence to reply to but today I got to commune with my fellow lovers of all things scary. Will get more info and such tomorrow but want to touch base with all and let you know what is coming. Some observation on the fest and all things horror in general and some movements in the genre that make one go Wow!

Wow!!! See, told ya.

Besides, so much going on no way I could see everything anyway. Even in some exhibits I could not see everything. Lets back off on the smoke machines guys!

What will I be scribbling about, spellcheck be damned? Well here are a couple of things.

1. Immersive entertainment:

Some people getting plugs here but I mean this as a complement to the genre for going headlong into the next step and taking their fans into the experience. Lot of facets to this and gonna tie it to history.

2. Genre and Gender/race:

Okay talked about this before with free comic book day but I think it needs more mention. The diversity thing is striking, at least in SoCal, and I think it needs a good mention.

3. Diversity....of attractions:

Everything old is new again and everything new will someday be old again. That actually makes sense if you don't think about it to hard. The acts of books, live performance, art, tech, the term I media...I hate that term. Will tell you why and where I am going with this when I post. BTW, I mean this in terms of at the fest...too much to do which is why my feet are soaking while i write this... great service at this place, and out in the mean real world.

4. Horror as a lifestyle:

Some people think Halloween is one day, some stretch it to the whole weekend. Some feel bold and call it "Halloweek"...get it, hallo-week! For a growing number, including myself, it is a 24/7, 365 lifestyle that includes work, play and relationships. Gonna go beyond the mainstream stereotypes, I hope, and look at this here world of horror and fun.

Okay, that should keep me busy and frustrated for a while. Will have pics and graphics and stuff to go with this and found a plan to catch me up on my other posts about the genre. At least one of those relates to this so will see what I can do. Will have the next one up ASAP. Hope to see some of you tomorrow at the fests and at the next four I have on my schedule. Gonna try to hit and report on as many fests and events as I can. Hitting the shower. Hugs to all.


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